Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why SMC?

     Over the past couple of months many people have been asking me "Susanna, why did you choose to go to SMC?" Well today I am going to tell you my story.
     It was the summer going into my senior year I believe. College road trips had been very common all of that summer because my twin brother and I were both looking at colleges. Nick (my twin brother) wanted a large school up north from Connecticut. I wanted a small school closer to home (about a 2 hour radius). To sum it all up, Nick wanted to go to Vermont and I did not. So essentially our college road trip to VT was for him.
     We started on a Friday night and worked our way up. I will tell you, while it is a beautiful drive from CT, it is a very long one. I fell asleep the whole way and woke up at my uncles house. On Saturday morning we took a tour of UVM for Nick. Right off the bat it was a "no" for me because of its massive size. UVM is sooooooooo freaking huge. But he seemed to really enjoy it. After a nice lunch in downtown Burlington, we headed to Saint Mike's where we met up with my one of my uncles that had attended here. It was kind of a crappy day so right at the beginning I was not really sure. We took a tour (in the rain), but our tour guide was great and she answered all the questions we had about SMC, and with my family, there will ALWAYS be questions. The campus was small, the people we met were lovely, the buildings were so beautiful and it just felt right, the only thing holding me back was knowing that it was a good 4 and a half hours from my house. I did not know if I could deal with that.
     The school year had started and I had narrowed down my search to 7 colleges that I would apply too, SMC being one of them. I had ranked them and SMC was number 2 on my list. I sent in my applications and then came the waiting. Finally, in March my acceptance letter to SMC came in. I was so happy that I started to cry. But right at that moment I knew that SMC was where I was supposed to be, not because I started to cry but because of the little note at the bottom of my letter. It was a nice hand written note about the essay I had written. I knew at that moment that SMC was the school for me.

What am I listening to?


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