Thursday, December 31, 2015

ACL Diaries: Part 1

     As the title says, yes, I am on crutches. You're probably thinking, how did that possibly happen? Well, if you have been up to date with the posts, in early October I tore my ACL playing rugby. I knew that if I ever wanted to play sport again or do anything remotely active, I would need to get it fixed. So on Tuesday, Santa, I mean, the doctor, gave me the great present of a new ACL. Now let me tell ya, I seem happy and cheery now, but if you saw me yesterday, you probably thought I was going to die. Well, it sure felt like it. Essentially, in the type of ACL reconstruction that I had, they took out a piece of my patella and tibia with a piece of tendon attached. They drilled holes in both my femur and tibia and then threaded the piece they had taken out to reconstruct my ACL. Thankfully, everything else looked good so all they had to do was give me a new ACL.
     But, it isn't just a quick surgery. The full recovery for this surgery is 9-12 months and even then, it may take longer for my knee to actually feel like my knee. It will take a lot of time to rehab it and get it back to working condition. Right now, I have started to put weight on it, but I am not allowed to bend my knee yet. The past few days have consisted of a lot of sleeping and watching TV. The medicine that I was on made me really sick, so today is the first day that I have actually been able to eat something and keep it down. I start PT on Monday, so hopefully it won't be too bad. I plan on updating you all about how this is going, just because when I was planning the surgery, I wanted to know more about what to expect.
     As for the rest of my winter break, I plan on resting a lot and getting my knee in good condition. My hope for when it comes times to go back to school is that I can walk with crutches comfortably and that I can make it up stairs! I think its a pretty achievable goal!
     Wish me luck!

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