Monday, January 28, 2013

Things You Learn in College...

     Hello all! How is your Monday? Mine is well.....I guess the only word to describe it would be merp. Good news for you, I have just as much knowledge of the word merp as you do, so we are kind of in the same boat here. After looking over the SMC Class of 2017 page, I saw a post that was kind of cool. That post was "What are you looking forward to the most in the fall?" I know when I was in their positions, I was looking forward to meeting new people and moving in. You see in movies and TV shows how college is, but is that really what happens? So, in this post I plan to tell you what you will learn about college. I also have to point out that sort of the general construction of this post was based off of a post that my cousin Shay has on her blog. While her blog was about moving, it really made me think about how it applied to me as a college student. If you would like to look at her blog, you can find it HERE.

     Things you learn in college:
-you will be broke: I mean, come on. This one was a given.

-you crave Ramen at really odd hours: its true. I swear.

-you will learn that you have to work out to burn off all those calories you just consumed in that one bowl of Ramen: trust me, it is a small campus. just walking to your classes doesn't cut it as "working out".

-you will meet some amazing people: I LOVE all of the people I have met so far and I am so happy to have them in my life.

-you will get homesick from time to time: people lie, they say that they will never miss home or never come back or only call their parents once a week. I know people lie because I was one of them. But I have found that cutting off all ties from your family and friends back home is hard. I talk to my parents almost every day.

-you will, sometimes, be up until 4 in the morning studying for your 8 am class: I can honestly say that this has never happened to me, but I am sure it will eventually.

-you will learn to make things simple: I am not really sure how to explain this. I guess I can say that you will learn to organize your time more?

-you will learn to cherish every opportunity that is thrown your way: self explainable.

-you will have massive dance parties in your room when you don't feel like doing homework: admit it, we all have done it or will do it.

-you will fall asleep after that dance party, further putting off your homework: that's a given.

-you will make mistakes: we all do. we are only human.

-you will NEVER forget college: that's for dang sure.

That is what I have gathered for the most part. There may be a sequel to this post, who knows. I guess for now I just plan on going with the flow.
Love and memories,

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh What a Lovely Place it is.

     Hello Internet world. How are you on this lovely Monday morning? Monday for me is one of my easier days class- wise. On Mondays and Wednesdays I only have Philosophy from 8 AM until 9:35, then I am done for the day. A perk of this is that I don't have any classes on Fridays. Yippie for 3 day weekends every week! Anyway, you are probably thinking what the heck do I do with all my time on Friday? Well, if I don't feel like getting ahead on work that is due for the next week, I normally end up venturing down to good old Church Street. I believe that I have written about adventures on Church Street before (you can read that blog post HERE) but I guess this one is more of an updated/ more informational post about the lovely place. This one is aimed to give you info about my favorite places and some hidden gems that I have recently discovered.

Food Picks, because, come on, who doesn't like food?! (these are in no particular order)

Sweetwaters- the first time I went to Sweetwaters was during the beginning of fall break. I went with my family, mom, dad, brother, cousin, aunt and my uncle. The food was great and it was fairly reasonably priced. I eventually ended up going back about a month or two later with a couple of friends and we had a great time. You can see the menu HERE.

My Little Cupcake- I cannot even begin to describe my love for this place. I find that when ever my friends and I end up going downtown for a "break", as we like to call it, we always end up going to My Little Cupcake. They have amazing homemade cupcakes that are tiny, but one will fill you right up! They have amazing flavors like maple bacon, blueberry cream cheese, red velvet, salted caramel and much more! They also have normal sized cupcakes, cake pops, vegan cupcakes and gluten free cupcakes. What ever you feel like having, you can probably find it there! You can look at the website HERE.  

Three Tomatoes- Personally, I have never been to this restaurant, but a good friend of mine, Colleen, adores it. After exploring their website for a bit, I came to the conclusion that it seems pretty stinking awesome. All the ingredients that they use are all natural and they support local farmers by buying their products. Colleen said "I went there, I wasn't even hungry, but I just kept eating because it was so good." Sounds like a pretty good place to me if you can't stop eating the food! Colleen also recommends the pizza. The menu can be found HERE.

The Skinny Pancake- Like Three Tomatoes, I have never actually had the opportunity to eat their food, but I promise, by the end of the semester I will have eaten their at least once! But trust me, by the smells that come out of their cart on Church Street, it just makes me want to eat their so bad. The restaurant is located near the waterfront, just a short walk from Church Street, and I hear that everything is good, so it is well worth the walk. Website for them is HERE

Stores, because shopping is just so darn fun!

Earthbound Trading Company- Earthbound is probably one of the coolest stores on Church Street. When you walk into the store there are so may bright colors and cool things that you can't help but look around! On the website they say that they provide an eclectic assortment of products at great prices. It is a great place to find gifts for people!

Thrift Shops- what what, what, what.... don't get my reference? That's fine. Whatever. Anyway, all of the thrift shops in Burlington are super cool. There is Second Time Around and Downtown Threads located on Church street which are always favorites of my friends. The prices there are super reasonable and the stuff is really nice!

Burton- I know, it is not located on Church Street, but it is only a little ways away. It is probably one of the coolest stores ever and I highly recommend that anyone, whether you ski or snowboard, check it out!

Attractions, sort of.

Waterfront- This place is amazing. There is a lovely bike path and tons of benches that you can sit on an look out over the lake. I also highly recommend going down their to watch the sunsets. (Guys out there reading this, I just gave you a MASSIVE tip on where to take your girl on Valentine's Day, don't screw it up!)

Camel's Hump State Park- I have never been there, but it is on my bucket list for spring. Hiking it takes about a total of 3 hours and I hear that the views from the top are amazing. I definitely want to check it out!

Here are some cool videos about Burlington and Winooski. Shout out to Gabbi who stars in the first one!

Love and fun places,

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Second Day of Classes!

    Like the title says, today was the second day of classes for the spring 2013 semester. Today was much more hectic than the first, but it was still a good one. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have the bulk of my schedule, 3 classes, in a row, from 9:45 until 2:50, no breaks. Kinda nuts right? Yeah, I mean, it sort of is, but after today, it didn't really seem that bad. I woke up around 7:45 this morning. I am not really sure as to why, but I did. I did my normal morning routine for getting ready then headed out the door at around 9 to go grab some breakfast in Alliot. After breakfast I scurried off with Candice to our Financial Accounting class. It seems very interesting and our professor seems super nice. The class also seems to have a good mix of people which I always like because you can here many different viewpoints. It seems pretty intensive work wise but I feel I can keep up with it.
     My second class of the day was Catholic Christianity. I am basically only taking this course because it is required, but what I gathered from today is that it seems some what interesting, hopefully I will keep thinking that by the time the end of the semester rolls around! But it is also nice that I know a few people in the class and two other girls on my floor are also in the class, Candice and Lexi, so I always have someone to go to if I need to ask a quick question.
     Lastly I had the class that I was most excited for, Media Revolutions. Let me just say that I am still so excited for this class. I have Professor Griffith and she seems so cool and like she really knows what she is talking about. I am interested to see if this class influences my decision to switch my major from business to Media Studies. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
     Well I guess that is it for now! Off to do a boatload of homework!
Love and Second Day of Classes,

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Monday, January 14, 2013

First Day of Spring Semester

     Again, I apologize for the lack of a creative title, but I honestly could not think of a creative way to put it. Today, as some of you may, or may not, know was the start of the Spring 2013 semester. Crazy how fast time flies for a first year. I mean, just think about it. I feel like it was just yesterday that I had moved into Lyons 4 North, started the crazy process of Orientation weekend, then started my first college classes ever. And that brings me to now. Sitting on my bed, looking out my window at the construction, typing this to tell you about my first day. I know, you are probably thinking, "Susanna, it is only 11 o'clock, what do you mean you are going to tell us about your first day?" Well, on Monday and Wednesdays I only have one class. That class is Philosophy at 8 am which means that I am done for the day at 9:35. Kind of nice, right? Well it is. But my Tuesday and Thursday are going to be nuts. I will probably tell you about those tomorrow.
    Now onto Philosophy. For me, I am really only taking it because it fills a requirement. In simpler terms, I have to take it. The professor for this class is James Amsbury and he seems like an awesome professor and from sitting in class on the first day the class already seems pretty interesting. I also have this class with two girls on my floor, Colleen and Emma, which I think is great because we always have a study buddy if necessary. After Philosophy I went to breakfast with Mar, my roommate, Candice and Keri. And that brings me to now. Picture me, sitting under a blanket on my bed, typing this while listening to Passion Pit and Colleen complaining about too big puffy winter coats. Sounds fun right? Well it is. Happy first day of the semester!
    Love and firsts,

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I love...

All things do have to come to an end eventually. And by that I mean winter break. We are nearing the end of this time, so sad I know, but I am actually really excited to go back. I guess I am just going to sort of build off of my last post on this one. Being away from SMC has taught me a lot. It has taught me how much I truly value my time there. How much I love my new friends and how much I truly belong there. You know, one great thing that I have found about being a blogger is that I get to interact with the incoming class of 2017. I love hearing their stories and how excited they are to be apart of the Saint Mike's family. Last night I got a lovely question from one of the new members of the class of 2017 asking what my favorite thing about SMC was. Honestly, I did not have an answer. And no, it's not because I couldn't think of anything, I just couldn't think of one particular thing. I love the two trees on the library lawn that look like they are dancing in the wind at night. I love how people hold doors for you. I love how the squirrels that wander around campus are basically our college pets. I love rugby. I love all of my professors. I love the construction (even at times I despise it). I mean, the list can go on and on.
     So, to sum this up in a short(ish) way, I love SMC. And yeah, I know, you are probably all like "ok, we get it. You like SMC" but it's true and I want everyone to love it as much as I do. So here is another congratulations to all of the accepted students of the class of 2017, I hope to see you next year!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Break!

     Wow! It has been WAY too long since I have written a post, and I totally apologize for that. But as you may (or may not) know, finals ended for me on the 14th of December and then I was done for a month before next semester! It is insane how fast time flies. I seriously feel like I was only at SMC for about a week and then I was done for the semester. It literally FLEW by!
     So far break has been amazing! The first day I was back I attended a surprise party for my friend Julie. It was so much fun because she did not expect any of her friends that are in college to be there. But we were and she started crying. It was so nice to see people that I haven't seen since August. There was tons of food and it was just bunches of fun! And then before I knew it, it was CHRISTMAS! Otherwise known as my favorite time of the year.... ever. I loved seeing my Yiayia (grandmother) and Papa (grandfather) and all of my cousins, aunts and uncles. Christmas Eve we typically go to my aunt's house in MA and do the typical Christmas Eve stuff. Then when it gets late my family and I go back to my grandparent's condo and spend the night. I am notorious for waking up super early to see what Santa brought and this year was no different! I was up at 6:15 and proceeded to wake everyone else up! We were done opening presents at around 7:30 and then went to 9 AM mass. After that we go back to my aunt's house and open more presents and eat a yummy brunch then we all fall asleep. At around 2 we went back to Yiayia and PaPa's and ate dinner with my cousins Morgan and Jill and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Gregg. Then at around 5:30 we were all ready for bed! haah. We drove home early the next day and my dad's side of the family came over for "Christmas". We always open presents youngest to oldest so I always get to open the first gift! (the perks of being the youngest by 9 minutes, hahaha). We ate a delicious dinner prepared by my mom and ate some yummy dessert too. And the best part?! It started snowing! But, that is all that really went on during my break so far. I have about 2 weeks, what am I going to do with all that time?!
    I think the thing that I have taken away from break is how much I really do miss SMC. I talk to my friends almost every day either by Facebook, text or SnapChat. While seeing all my friends from home is amazing, I really truly do miss my family at SMC. I miss being able to walk down the hall and see 21 people that I can talk too, I miss walking to Alliot or Dunkin, I miss watching the construction progress from day to day and I even sometimes miss the cleaning ladies singing really loud while vacuuming at 7 in the morning. What I am trying to say is, Saint Mike's, I MISS YOU!

Love and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

What is that sound?!