Wednesday, February 22, 2017

On Display// Social Media

Ahhhhh social media, one of my favorite things in the entire world. I can honestly remember the days that I created my first Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among many other platforms. I don't know what it is about social media, I just absolutely love it. So, without babbling on too much, here are some of my do's and dont's of social media.

ONE// A picture is worth a thousand words. Literally. It is no secret that visuals on any social media platform get more engagement. Honestly, I am the person that if something doesn't have pictures, you better be a dang good convincing writer to keep me for more than a few paragraphs. Use pictures, videos and GIFs for further your content, especially if you are using the platform of your choice to promote something, I promise, you won't be sorry!

TWO// Timing is everything. Back when I was in school, blogging was one of my jobs. Now it wasn't based on views or likes, it was purely a matter of me writing, posting and then getting a paycheck. But I think the thing that I liked about blogging was the almost inner challenge that it presented. I liked looking at numbers and thinking "this one get 100 views, how can I make it so my next one gets 150?" Well, here is one of my secrets. Timing is everything. Back when I was in school I realized that the prime time to post a blog to get the most views would be at 7:15pm on a Sunday night. Why? Because that is when us college kids were finally doing homework that we have had all weekend to complete but didn't do so now we are trying to get it done. Unfortunately we all continued to procrastinate and look at things like Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, reading some one's blog post would definitely be a way to procrastinate further, hence an upswing in readers. So moral of the story, pay attention to when you post, it can make a huge difference!

THREE// Negativity isn't a bad thing. I am a person that likes constructive criticism. I like when the comments that people have make me want to be or do something better. That being said, not all comments are good comments, there are definitely things that have been said about me or what I have posted that I haven't totally appreciated, but I think with social media comes not taking things personally. There will always be people out there that disagree with you or that aren't satisfied with what you post, and that's ok, because at the end of the day, it's your post and not theirs. If they had something different to say, then they should say it on their own terms. When it comes to companies social media, I always say that one of 2 things has to happen for someone to write a review. They are either exceptionally happy or exceptionally mad. A happy person will write a nice comment while a person with a not so positive experience will write something negative. That's why it is important to understand comments and the reason behind by they were posted in the first place. Also I think that companies should have practises in place for when things don't go as planned. Having a crisis management plan is an important part of any business strategies now, especially with the rise of social media.

FOUR// Be yourself. I often find that the people that I am most drawn to over social media are the people that are just being themselves. Whether that means not wearing makeup or not pretending you like something you hate, I feel as though readers, watchers and subscribers know when someone isn't being real. Social media is fantastic because it allows people to grow and make a living out of being themselves. So don't become something you are not just because you feel you have to be different. You don't. Just be yourself and then your social media platform is perfect.

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