Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wadda Week

Hi all! This week has literally been insane. So I would inform you about everything that has been going on at this lovely place that I call home, well, not everything, just the interesting things.
     On Wednesday I got the opportunity to go on a little field trip of sorts. For my first year seminar we went to see How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel at UVM. That is one of the reasons why I love SMC. Here, your teachers make the effort to take you outside of the classroom to experience things that have to do with stuff that you are learning. I enjoy that. Before the play, I went to dinner at my good friend Kate's house in South Burlington. Her family was super nice and welcoming and made a delicious dinner! It was nice to have a home cooked meal and I am thankful that they invited me over.
(the view of the back drop from our seats!)
     Throughout the week I had rugby. I can honestly say that I am in love with the sport. It is so much fun to play and to watch. Yesterday, we had our first away game. How exciting is that?! We traveled the 5 hours on a bus to get to Bryant in Rhode Island. While the bus ride was long, it was a fun one. For the first couple of hours, everyone was asleep. And when I say asleep, I mean a massive natural disaster could not even wake us up. When we got closer to Bryant, the upperclassmen started playing pump up music and we were all getting ready, dancing and singing. I got to see my family and meet a lot of people's family as well. Our fan section was much bigger than Bryant's and WE were the traveling team. Our A side won and it was a fantastic game! Next the B side was up to play (the side I am on) and we were all pretty nervous but we knew what we had to do. We went out there and kicked some major butt! We also won! It was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait until next week!
(4 of the girls from my hallway also play rugby!)
(Prop hand shake)
(our sleeping team.)
     That is about it for my week, or at least the stuff I can actually remember. HAHA. I promise there will be more to come about this wonderful place. Don't worry, I will keep you updated on everything!
Love and lots of sleep,
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food Food Food

     Two posts in 1 week and with a short amount of time between the two?! What is happening to the world?! Yes! I am posting yet again! So I have been getting a lot of questions (mainly from my family) about the food here at SMC. So I figured I would write this post to answer all of them.
     On campus, we have one main dining hall called The Green Mountain Dining Hall (inside Alliot, most people just call it Alliot). This dining hall serves 3 meals a day and is open pretty much all day. As a freshman at SMC, you get an unlimited meal plan. That basically gives you as many swipes a day into the dining hall as you would like. So if you want a cup of coffee before class, you can run over to Alliot quick, swipe in, fill up your cup and then walk out. It is pretty great.
Monday - Friday
Breakfast..............................7:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Continental.........................10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Lunch...................................11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
"Lite" Lunch............................2:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Dinner.....................................4:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday
Continental..............................8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Brunch.................................11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Dinner.....................................4:45 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
     Now for the food. I am not a picky eater. There are somethings I do not like, but for the most part, I will eat anything. Now, I will say that no matter where I eat, nothing will be better than a home cooked meal by my mom and dad (hi mom and dad!). But for the most part the meals here are good.
     At breakfast they always have bagels, fruit, some kind of hot breakfast, oatmeal, cereal, an egg station, pastries and yogurts. At the egg station, you can order any omelet or type of eggs you want. I have to admit, I have yet to experience the egg station because there is always a massive line there whenever I decide that I want eggs. I normally end up with a bagel or cereal (lucky charms :). There is also coffee/tea/hot coco and juice all day.
     At lunch, they take away the bagels, pastries, hot breakfast and the egg station. They replace those with a salad bar, sandwich bar, grill, hot lunch option, soup, pasta, pizza and a stir-fry station. I will say that all of these are great! They normally have a ton of options. Some people tend to get sick of it all, but when you go here you just have to learn how to mix and match. Say you want stir fry but they don't have a bunch of vegetables that you want. Well grab some corn, peppers and tomatoes from the salad bar and give them to the chef and BAM, insta amazing meal. It is just so easy to find something that you want to eat.
    Dinner is basically the same as lunch except they tend to have different foods. It is just all good. Also here, they have a ton of vegan and vegetarian options and they will accommodate to any requests.
     During lunch and dinner hours, they also have a dessert bar which is both heavenly and cruel at the same time. This is where self control really comes in handy. All the desserts are awesome! Plus they have a soft serve machine and hard ice cream available all the time!
     Some of my favorites are:
Breakfast- toasted bagel with cream cheese and cinnamon sugar. But if they have veggie cream cheese, I am all over that! It is great! Also, the homefries are really good.
Lunch- Taco salad is great! Highly recommend. I also really enjoy the stir fry because I LOVEEE anything salty and just yummy. Oh, and smiley fries. Yes, we are a college and we still have smiley fries, what is better than that?!
Dinner- Lately I have been going for the pasta station after rugby practice. I normally get a small bowl with whatever sauce they have. I find my self going to this station because the line moves quickly, therefore I can eat faster.
Dessert: Cheesecake. That will be all.
To Drink: I am a coffee drinker, so I enjoy coffee. But the hot coco is good as well as all the soft drinks. I recommend the Strawberry Kiwi drink (I think it is strawberry kiwi, but I could be wrong) What ever it is, it is a lime green drink, kinda weird, I know. But it tastes really good.
Stay away from: 3 cheese anything. Just don't do it. I think that is all that I wouldn't recommend. Everything is pretty good!
Thank ya for reading!
Love and food,
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Things You Should Probably Know....

Hola amigos! That is pretty much the extent of my Spanish vocabulary after a tiresome day of classes, sorry to disappoint. But wow, it really has been a while since I have actually written a blog post. Once again, things have been NUTS here. Between classes, homework, rugby practice and a social life, things get pretty crazy. But I am finally writing another blog! YIPPIE. Anywho, after thinking up possible ideas for a blog post, I finally decided on a topic. Being from Connecticut, things in Vermont are a little bit different. So I decided to inform you on a few things you should know before coming to SMC.
1. Creemees. Not Soft Serve: This was new to me. In Connecticut, we say soft serve. But here in Vermont, they say creemee. When I first heard this I was all like "what the actual......who actually says that" But trust me. People do say it and people expect you to say it too. Once you step foot in Vermont, you do not say soft serve in public. You say creemee. OH! and while you are here, you better get a maple creemee. They are seriously heavenly.
2. Alliot. No, not Al-lee-ot. AL-LEE-OHHH. Please, please please never say it the first way. People here will look at you funny if you say it like that. Alliot is our dining hall/ student center. The dining hall is inside and its real name is the Green Mountain Dining Hall, but everyone just calls it Alliot. This is where you can see bunches of people and eat a lot of food. I mean, what is better than that?!
3. Squirrels: In my entire life time I have never seen squirrels as fearless as the ones here. I'm serious. First, they are MASSIVE. And when I say MASSIVE, I mean MASSIVE. Second, they are not afraid of you in any sense. Say if you are just sitting on the quad reading over your macroeconomics notes from class yesterday while eating a Cliff bar, a squirrel will literally just walk right up to you and take it. I'm dead serious. It is petrifying.
4. Planes: There is a military base right near the Dunkin Donuts and Cumby's down the street. There are massive fighter jets going over campus ALL THE TIME. And let me tell you, they are loud! When they go over me when I am outside, I am literally scared for my life because they are so loud. But look on the bright side, at least we are safe!
5: 1's, 2's, 3's and 4's: These are what most people call the townhouses. These buildings are where the upperclassmen (mainly seniors) live. They are really called the 100's, 200's, 300's and 400's, but most people refer to them as their first number. It just makes life easier.
(the 200's)
6: First year dorms: It is pretty much exactly as it sounds. WHEN you decide to come to SMC (see what I did there :) you will get a massive book in the mail with your new student handbook. In there it goes over the dorms that are available for the freshmen. Those dorms are Lyons, Ryan and Joyce. In the book, they lie. They say that the largest dorm rooms are in Ryan. FALSE. Well not really. They may be the biggest but they do not seem that way. In Ryan, the closets are actual physical closets. In Lyons and Joyce, they are big blue built-ins. Plus in Lyons and Joyce, we have shelves which are not in the rooms in Ryan. Also, I feel like there is much more space in Lyons and Joyce.
(the shelves in my room)
Well there you go! I am sure that as my time progresses here at SMC, there will be many more posts like this one! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about my life here at SMC!
Love and pumpkin spice lattes,
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Simple Things- take 2

Hi all! How has life been? I hope it has been fabulous. Again, like in my last post, I must take the time to apologize my lack of posting recently. I have an exam on Friday as well as a massive homework assignment due that day as well. Next week I happen to have 2 exams and a project due. So needless to say, I have been busy. And on top of all that you have to add in rugby practice and games plus a social life. SO HARD. But, I am surviving. So this little post is just to share some more of the wonderful perks of becoming a student at SMC.
     Yesterday it was oh so rainy and gross here at SMC. But, I cannot really complain. Since I have been here, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL. So I guess one rainy day really is not that bad. But, the rainy days are even pretty. The clouds look so cool and, I don't know about you, but I actually really enjoy the rain.
(this picture does not even do it justice how disgusting it was yesterday. It was windy, cold and rainy all in the same day.... YUCK.)
     Like in my previous post about the simple things, the sunsets here are absolutely breath-taking. Like seriously. They really do not get any better than here. This picture taken below was basically the view outside my window. OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. You mean, you get to see this every night??? YES, Yes I do, and I love it.
(how pretty is that?!)
     People in Vermont always seem to have the best since of humor....
(ha.ha.ha. WhoKilledBambi)
     Another cool place I discovered on campus is the art gallery in McCarthy Arts. The gallery is right when you walk in the doors. I was exploring (yet again) with a friend the other day and we stumbled upon it. It was amazing. The pieces in there right now are fabulous. My favorite had to be this painting.
(Painted by Dustin Bell '13)
     Last but not least, I find it necessary to mention the beautiful days seeing as I mentioned the bad days. Most days here at SMC are absolutely amazing. So amazing that my floor and I tend to sit outside on the quad with blankets and do our homework. Hopefully soon enough the massive fence will be taken away from in front of the library so we can have more space to do our work.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Update

     Hey there! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, it has been mighty crazy here at SMC.
     I have been preparing for 3 exams that will occur later in this week--- currently FREAKING OUT. My first college exams, my does time fly. But all of my classes are going really well. And last week in my first year seminar my teacher brought his dog in and my goodness do I love dogs! She was adorable!
(Daisy the Schnoodle)
     I also took my first trip to the word garden. I know, you are probably thinking, "Susanna, it is literally a 2 minute walk from your room, why haven't you gone sooner?" Well, to answer that question, I am not really sure. I just haven't had enough time I guess. But, I finally went this week and I think I have found my new favorite place on campus. The word garden is a rock garden with words on the rocks. You can move them to make sentences or phrases of whatever you may be feeling at that moment. It is super cool!
 (words in the word garden)
     The construction project has really been coming along. Lately, the workers have been working a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean, A LOT. Some days they start early, at like 7 and work really late, to about 6. They were even working yesterday and I am pretty sure I can hear them outside my window right about now. But I assume it is to get the shell of the building done before it starts to snow, that way they won't be dealing with that added element.
      I have been playing rugby 5 days a week now, and I think I am finally getting the hang of it. We had our first game yesterday and the coach promised that all the new players will be getting playing time, can you say SCARY! I was soooooooo nervous, especially since the older girls said that the team we were up against was fairly good. I went in and did well (I guess). I made a few tackles (so cool) and I got tackled, but all in all it was a great experience and I cannot wait for the rest of the season!
     Hopefully this week will be a good one, I'm not expecting any less! Hopefully my exams go well and we win our first season game on Saturday! GO MIKE'S!
     I am really loving it here.
(signs in our bathroom stalls, just another reason why I love it here!)
     Love and laundry, because laundry is what I am planning on doing today.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cream Cheese Woes

Today is a super busy day and it has already started off fairly bad. I woke up at 8:25 for my 9:45 class. That normally gives me enough time to get ready and head out the door to go to breakfast at 9 with a few other girls on my floor. Well, this morning I also had to print out a paper for my class. So, after I was done getting ready, I hit print on my computer and sent my paper to the printer. I started my decent from the 4th floor down to the second floor lounge to retrieve my paper from the printer. Well, there was no paper. Great. So I headed over to Alliot to print it there. I got there, scanned my I.D. and waddyaaa know, its not in the print que. Great, just lovely. So I head into the Green Mountain Dining Hall and scarf down half of a bagel with veggie cream cheese (one of my high points of today) and the RUN back up to my room to RE-PRINT my paper. Time check? 9:20. Lovely. So I press print then sprint back to Alliot to print it. It prints then I have to RUN to Jean-Marie to my Macro class. That is done and now I am sitting on my bed, typing this before I have to complete my mound of homework before the first Founders meeting of the year and rugby practice. SO MUCH TO DO. But I am assuming since today started off fairly badly that the rest of the day can only go up from here, right? I mean, at the Founders meeting there is BYOB (bring your own bowl) Ice Cream Sundaes. Will post more later in the week!
Love and sappy love songs,
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Little Update

Hello friends! So today I am writing a little post (instead of doing my Spanish and statistics homework) just about this week and things that have been happening here in the 802.
     Sickness: Yes, it is that time of year again where people start getting sick. The weather is starting to get cooler, yesterday it was FREEZING. So cold that I almost broke out my Uggs, but I didn't. So lately on Lyons 4 North, people have been getting stuffy noses, headaches, some stomach things and sore throats. At home, I never really got sick. Yes, I got the occasional stuffy nose or sore throat, but I was never super super sick (besides when I acquired the Swine Flu). But in college you can almost bet that if one person gets sick on your floor, you are all done for. It started with one girl, and then it just spread. We are all living in pajamas, drinking gallons of hot tea and eating Vitamin C gummies like its the only food left on planet earth.
     Cooler Temperatures: HOLLUH! Finally we aren't melting to death in our rooms. It is safe to say that it is a very comfortable temperature. Just the right temperature for jeans and a light jacket. And scarves. I LOVE SCARVES. Plus, all the leaves are starting to change color and it is just so pretty. (Oh, and Salted Caramel Mocha is back at Starbucks... SO EXCITED!!!)
(It says it was 61 degrees, but I am right sure it was much colder than that yesterday)
     The Weekend: Last Saturday was the highlighter dance, and Lyons 4 north went hard. In the morning, a group of 5 of us ventured out to Walmart. You may think, oh going to Walmart is not that bad. Let me tell you, it took us A FULL HOUR to get there, when, by car, it would probably take just under 15 minutes. But we got white shirts, neon hair dye, some highlighters, and bandannas and then made our way back to SMC. When we got back we began the process of cutting the shirts. I have to say that I made probably about 8 shirts. Needless to say that afterwards my fingers were all red from sewing. The dance was so much fun. There were glow-sticks and highlighter all over me when I left. I had a blast. Sunday was a much calmer day. I got picked up around 11 by my aunt to go spend a little bit of time with my family. It was nice to see them because I do not get to see them very often. Although my cousin Finch wasn't there and that was very disappointing. I was really looking forward to seeing her smiling face. But they are coming to my Rugby game on Saturday which I am really excited about!
(some of my lovely floor mates also double as some of my best friends on campus)
More Pictures (well, it is only 2 more....)
(the best "pick-me-up" in the entire world.)
(my favorite study spot.)
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why SMC?

     Over the past couple of months many people have been asking me "Susanna, why did you choose to go to SMC?" Well today I am going to tell you my story.
     It was the summer going into my senior year I believe. College road trips had been very common all of that summer because my twin brother and I were both looking at colleges. Nick (my twin brother) wanted a large school up north from Connecticut. I wanted a small school closer to home (about a 2 hour radius). To sum it all up, Nick wanted to go to Vermont and I did not. So essentially our college road trip to VT was for him.
     We started on a Friday night and worked our way up. I will tell you, while it is a beautiful drive from CT, it is a very long one. I fell asleep the whole way and woke up at my uncles house. On Saturday morning we took a tour of UVM for Nick. Right off the bat it was a "no" for me because of its massive size. UVM is sooooooooo freaking huge. But he seemed to really enjoy it. After a nice lunch in downtown Burlington, we headed to Saint Mike's where we met up with my one of my uncles that had attended here. It was kind of a crappy day so right at the beginning I was not really sure. We took a tour (in the rain), but our tour guide was great and she answered all the questions we had about SMC, and with my family, there will ALWAYS be questions. The campus was small, the people we met were lovely, the buildings were so beautiful and it just felt right, the only thing holding me back was knowing that it was a good 4 and a half hours from my house. I did not know if I could deal with that.
     The school year had started and I had narrowed down my search to 7 colleges that I would apply too, SMC being one of them. I had ranked them and SMC was number 2 on my list. I sent in my applications and then came the waiting. Finally, in March my acceptance letter to SMC came in. I was so happy that I started to cry. But right at that moment I knew that SMC was where I was supposed to be, not because I started to cry but because of the little note at the bottom of my letter. It was a nice hand written note about the essay I had written. I knew at that moment that SMC was the school for me.

What am I listening to?


Thursday, September 6, 2012

SMC Bucket List

     Yes, I know, most of you are probably thinking "Susanna, you are a freshman, why the HECK are you writing a bucket list?!" Well, there are a boat- load of things that I would like to complete in the 4 years here at SMC. I thought the best way to organize and keep track of everything would to be to compile a list of things that I wanted to do. Thus, my bucket list is born. I guess some of the things I may be in the process of completing and some things will take a little bit a time, but who knows?! I just want to complete as many things as possible. Also, as days, weeks, months and years pass, things may be added to this list :)

-Become a tour guide. (no words can describe how badly I want to be a tour guide)
-Become an SMC blogger (sort of in the process currently)
-Join a club or intramural team. CHECK: rugby!
-Spend a day at Lake Champlain
-Learn how to snowboard
-Live in a townhouse
-Bake in the women's center
-Spend a day at Smuggs
-Sit in Alliot all day and people watch
-Attend a game of every sport on campus
-Study Abroad
-Be in a play
-Get an AWESOME internship
-Make the Dean's List
-Graduate :)

     Again, I have a boat-load of time to do all this, but I hopefully will complete it all before my time here at SMC is up. I like having goals and things to work for. I just makes me much more motivated and I really enjoy that. After every semester I will try to do and updated list on the things I have accomplished and more things that I hope to do!

What is Susanna listening to?


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Things I Dig About SMC

     Hey there! This is just going to be a quick little blog about the things that I truly like here at SMC. Recently, I entered the iPhone world and have been obsessed with Instagram. Like so obsessed it is kind of sickening. So this little post here is mainly going to be of pictures that I have taken over the past couple of weeks of things that I truly love about SMC. Some things do not have pictures, but I promise once I take a picture of it it will either be on my Instagram (SusannaMarie7) or on here in another blog!
1: The sunsets. Ohmygoodness, they are amazing. Most of the time I can see them through my dorm room window at night and I absolutely love it.
2. Right now at SMC, we are in the midst of a MAJOR construction project right through the residence quad. While sometimes it can really be annoying, and loud and just an all around pain in the butt, we know that good is going to come out of it. And how do we know that you ask? Well, the construction workers are literally the nicest people ever. Our floor wanted to show them a little but of support, so our RA decided that we would make small signs that say "Good Work!" and "Thank You!" and we hung them in the window right by the construction site. Then one day we noticed this:
They wrote back to us saying "Thanks for your support! From the Iron Men". I mean really, how much nicer could that get?
3: There are some instances at SMC where I just have to laugh. There is one thing that occurred just a few days ago that I truly had to LOL. Just look at this picture:
This is someone's WiFi network name and it just makes me realize that there are things that you just have to laugh about. This is a wireless network that I discovered while riding the bus back from Church Street to SMC.
Hope you enjoyed this little montage (for lack of better word). I promise that there will be more to come, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for them!
What is Susanna listening to right now? (yes, I did just refer to myself in the third person...)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The "Must Haves" and the "Not Reallys"

     I am so very sorry for the completely politically incorrect title, but it seemed to fit perfectly for me. But how has your week been going? Hopefully it has been good. Mine has been going well too. So today I am going to inform you all on what you should bring to college. I am a notorious over packer and I am pretty sure that the girls on my floor can back that up. Whenever anyone needs anything they always come to me because most often than not, I have exactly what they are looking for, and I probably have it in about 6 different colors. But there are some things that I have discovered that I need and some things that I have yet to touch at my time here at SMC.
Things to Bring!
     1: School Supplies. This is a must! Before you go to college, stock up on school supplies. I came to SMC with literally buckets and buckets of schools supplies. I am like a mobile Staples or wherever you may buy that stuff from. But seriously. One of the girls on my floor forgot notebooks so she went to a local convenience store to buy some. $12 a notebook. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! If that is not a rip off then I really do not know what is. So stock up on those things.
     2: A fan (or 2): DO IT. I swear to you that you will thank me later. My fan has been my savior. The first couple weeks it is so freaking hot on campus, I cannot even begin to tell you. I mean, I am all for summer and warm weather, but it got so hot in my room to the point where I was contemplating about sleeping outside. That is how hot it was inside. Also to add to this, a lot of shorts and t-shirts are a must.
     3: Extension Cords: just bring them. They help with everything.
     4: Command Hooks, double sided tape and duct tape: all the best things to hang posters or decorate different parts of your room. The walls here are cinder blocks therefore you cannot nail or tack anything into them. These all work super well.
     5: Shower Caddy and Shower Shoes: It’s just so much easier when you are walking to the shower just to have all of your stuff in one place instead of holding 6 bottles of stuff in your hand. Also, shower shoes are a must. The bathrooms here are pretty clean, but you just never know. Better safe than sorry!
(Flip flops are the best shoes to wear in the shower. I brought one pair that I use just in the shower)
     6: A Brita Filter/ any water filter: I was the girl that would never drink tap water. I just wouldn’t. I didn’t really enjoy the taste of it. So at home I would either drink water from the fridge or a water bottle. I would recommend getting one for school because it just gives you that nice fresh tasting water. (I am in no way saying that the water is bad here, I am just saying that I prefer filtered water. I actually do not own a water filter now, but I will be purchasing one soon.)
(A lovely Brita filter. Trust me, it is a good investment.)
Things you don’t really need.
     1: A TV: if you are like me, you like TV. I am a legitimate TV-aholic. So if I were to have a TV in my room, I would be watching it 24/7 and not do anything else. So I did not bring a TV. Also, chances are, someone on your floor is bound to have a TV. Become friends with them and plan TV nights to watch your favorite shows. Also, most common rooms in the freshman dorms have TVs where you can watch movies or just TV shows.
     2: An iron: I mean, let’s be real. By a show of hands (that I cannot see) how many of you actually iron your clothes? I know that my hand was not raised for that question. Chances are that if you really need something ironed, someone will have an iron and an ironing board for you to use.
     3: All of your winter clothes: Just please, please, please don't bring up your massive winter jacket when you first move in. It takes up wayyyyyyyyy too much space that you could be using for much other things. Instead, bring up a rain jacket and a fleece. (I am in love with my North Face fleece and wear the heck out of it.) Those, plus sweatshirts, should get you through until October break or Thanksgiving.
(If you are anything like me, this is what your winter gear consists of. That all takes up WAY too much space, so don't bring it up just yet.)
What am I listening to????

Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Week's Forecast

     So instead of trying to demolish the massive pile of work that is sitting next to me on my bed, I have decided to write this instead. Blogging can be considered school work, right? So I thought I would give you a little 7 day forecast of what I can expect for the days ahead.

     Tomorrow (Monday): Classes starting at 9:45. I normally head over to Alliot around 9 to give myself enough time to eat before I head over to Jean-Marie for Spanish 102. After Spanish I have a little break before I have to go to my First Year Seminar. I LOVE my FYS. I am taking Theatre and Social Justice and it is by far my favorite class this semester. Right after that class I have to head over to statistics. I happen to have a quiz tomorrow. Yippie. (note the sarcasm.) Then I am done for the day! And since tomorrow is Monday, I do not have Rugby either. So it's my lovely day off!

     Tuesday: On Tuesdays I only have 1 class, macroeconomics. For me this class is challenging, but interesting. It is not my favorite of the 4 classes I am taking this semester, but I think I will learn to love it. After Macro I have quite a long time before my next activity. I have Rugby practice at 4:30 and I am super pumped for it! Hopefully this week we get to learn how to tackle and be tackled correctly. I am really looking forward to it! Also, because it is Tuesday, that means that Dance Moms is on. YESSSSSS.

     Wednesday: Exactly like Monday except I have Rugby and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is on. I know, it's sad that I adore that show, but it is just so funny.

     Thursday: Basically the same as Tuesday minus Dance Moms.

     Friday: Same as Wednesday (minus Here Comes Honey Boo Boo). After Rugby we normally have a team dinner to prepare for the game the next day. I love the family atmosphere of the rugby girls. They are all so awesome.

     Saturday: Rugby preseason game, catching up on homework, sleeping in, and exploring the great world that surrounds me.
my super long to-do list. There is much more on the bottom (not pictured)
(My insane amount of homework.)

(The awesome girls Rugby team! I cannot wait for the rest of the season!)
What am I listening to????

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Simple Things

Hi all! I hope everything has been awesome where ever you may be! This is just a quick little blog before I begin the mountain of work that I need to get done. Can you say procrastination? Anyway, it has been a little over a week since I arrived here at SMC and let me tell you, I am loving it. I mean, really loving it. There is just something about the atmosphere here that is just so amazing.
     But I guess in this blog I just wanted to share a few amazing things that I witnessed this week that really emphasize why I adore this place so much.
This beautiful building is Jean-Marie. I highly recommend taking a walk around the outside of the campus whenever you may get here. I wish I did it sooner. You see the buildings when you are in the middle of the campus walking from class to class and you think "oh, those are pretty". But let me tell you, they are way prettier from the back. Like, just look at that building! Oh my goodness, it is just so glorious.
Look at this man on this weird bike? Doesn't this just make you so happy? I know it makes Me happy. This is just one of the little things that makes the great town of Burlington so great. I went on my first real trip to Burlington this past evening and it was so great. There are just a ton of people and everything is just so upbeat and fun. There are a ton of cute shops and some great food! I even got a ring that has a little frog on it that I am obsessed with. (Just a little side note- I am obsessed with the word obsessed). But Burlington and Church Street just make me so happy and it is just those few hours spent walking down the brick street that can really change your attitude on the day.
Out of the week and two days that I have spent here, this is something that I will never forget. Right in front of Founder's Hall is a little "scenic overlook" as you may call it. After getting off the bus from Burlington, the girls and I decided to go look at the mountains. As we got there, the full moon began to rise right over the mountains. It was one of the most magical things I have ever experienced. My friends and I just sat there in awe the whole time. Words cannot even do the experience justice. Moon watching is something I will be doing a lot more at my time here at SMC. It really just disconnects you from everything and kind of snaps you back into reality. It truly was magical.
(Sorry this blog was kinda long!)
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