Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Week's Forecast

     So instead of trying to demolish the massive pile of work that is sitting next to me on my bed, I have decided to write this instead. Blogging can be considered school work, right? So I thought I would give you a little 7 day forecast of what I can expect for the days ahead.

     Tomorrow (Monday): Classes starting at 9:45. I normally head over to Alliot around 9 to give myself enough time to eat before I head over to Jean-Marie for Spanish 102. After Spanish I have a little break before I have to go to my First Year Seminar. I LOVE my FYS. I am taking Theatre and Social Justice and it is by far my favorite class this semester. Right after that class I have to head over to statistics. I happen to have a quiz tomorrow. Yippie. (note the sarcasm.) Then I am done for the day! And since tomorrow is Monday, I do not have Rugby either. So it's my lovely day off!

     Tuesday: On Tuesdays I only have 1 class, macroeconomics. For me this class is challenging, but interesting. It is not my favorite of the 4 classes I am taking this semester, but I think I will learn to love it. After Macro I have quite a long time before my next activity. I have Rugby practice at 4:30 and I am super pumped for it! Hopefully this week we get to learn how to tackle and be tackled correctly. I am really looking forward to it! Also, because it is Tuesday, that means that Dance Moms is on. YESSSSSS.

     Wednesday: Exactly like Monday except I have Rugby and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is on. I know, it's sad that I adore that show, but it is just so funny.

     Thursday: Basically the same as Tuesday minus Dance Moms.

     Friday: Same as Wednesday (minus Here Comes Honey Boo Boo). After Rugby we normally have a team dinner to prepare for the game the next day. I love the family atmosphere of the rugby girls. They are all so awesome.

     Saturday: Rugby preseason game, catching up on homework, sleeping in, and exploring the great world that surrounds me.
my super long to-do list. There is much more on the bottom (not pictured)
(My insane amount of homework.)

(The awesome girls Rugby team! I cannot wait for the rest of the season!)
What am I listening to????

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