Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Simple Things- take 2

Hi all! How has life been? I hope it has been fabulous. Again, like in my last post, I must take the time to apologize my lack of posting recently. I have an exam on Friday as well as a massive homework assignment due that day as well. Next week I happen to have 2 exams and a project due. So needless to say, I have been busy. And on top of all that you have to add in rugby practice and games plus a social life. SO HARD. But, I am surviving. So this little post is just to share some more of the wonderful perks of becoming a student at SMC.
     Yesterday it was oh so rainy and gross here at SMC. But, I cannot really complain. Since I have been here, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL. So I guess one rainy day really is not that bad. But, the rainy days are even pretty. The clouds look so cool and, I don't know about you, but I actually really enjoy the rain.
(this picture does not even do it justice how disgusting it was yesterday. It was windy, cold and rainy all in the same day.... YUCK.)
     Like in my previous post about the simple things, the sunsets here are absolutely breath-taking. Like seriously. They really do not get any better than here. This picture taken below was basically the view outside my window. OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. You mean, you get to see this every night??? YES, Yes I do, and I love it.
(how pretty is that?!)
     People in Vermont always seem to have the best since of humor....
(ha.ha.ha. WhoKilledBambi)
     Another cool place I discovered on campus is the art gallery in McCarthy Arts. The gallery is right when you walk in the doors. I was exploring (yet again) with a friend the other day and we stumbled upon it. It was amazing. The pieces in there right now are fabulous. My favorite had to be this painting.
(Painted by Dustin Bell '13)
     Last but not least, I find it necessary to mention the beautiful days seeing as I mentioned the bad days. Most days here at SMC are absolutely amazing. So amazing that my floor and I tend to sit outside on the quad with blankets and do our homework. Hopefully soon enough the massive fence will be taken away from in front of the library so we can have more space to do our work.
What am I listening to?


  1. Hey Susanna! Totally creepin on your blog but I'm pretty sure that the artist you're looking for my friend Dustin Bell '13 - so glad you like his work!

    1. great! thank you so much! i have been wondering who made that piece of art for a while!