Thursday, September 6, 2012

SMC Bucket List

     Yes, I know, most of you are probably thinking "Susanna, you are a freshman, why the HECK are you writing a bucket list?!" Well, there are a boat- load of things that I would like to complete in the 4 years here at SMC. I thought the best way to organize and keep track of everything would to be to compile a list of things that I wanted to do. Thus, my bucket list is born. I guess some of the things I may be in the process of completing and some things will take a little bit a time, but who knows?! I just want to complete as many things as possible. Also, as days, weeks, months and years pass, things may be added to this list :)

-Become a tour guide. (no words can describe how badly I want to be a tour guide)
-Become an SMC blogger (sort of in the process currently)
-Join a club or intramural team. CHECK: rugby!
-Spend a day at Lake Champlain
-Learn how to snowboard
-Live in a townhouse
-Bake in the women's center
-Spend a day at Smuggs
-Sit in Alliot all day and people watch
-Attend a game of every sport on campus
-Study Abroad
-Be in a play
-Get an AWESOME internship
-Make the Dean's List
-Graduate :)

     Again, I have a boat-load of time to do all this, but I hopefully will complete it all before my time here at SMC is up. I like having goals and things to work for. I just makes me much more motivated and I really enjoy that. After every semester I will try to do and updated list on the things I have accomplished and more things that I hope to do!

What is Susanna listening to?


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