Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The "Must Haves" and the "Not Reallys"

     I am so very sorry for the completely politically incorrect title, but it seemed to fit perfectly for me. But how has your week been going? Hopefully it has been good. Mine has been going well too. So today I am going to inform you all on what you should bring to college. I am a notorious over packer and I am pretty sure that the girls on my floor can back that up. Whenever anyone needs anything they always come to me because most often than not, I have exactly what they are looking for, and I probably have it in about 6 different colors. But there are some things that I have discovered that I need and some things that I have yet to touch at my time here at SMC.
Things to Bring!
     1: School Supplies. This is a must! Before you go to college, stock up on school supplies. I came to SMC with literally buckets and buckets of schools supplies. I am like a mobile Staples or wherever you may buy that stuff from. But seriously. One of the girls on my floor forgot notebooks so she went to a local convenience store to buy some. $12 a notebook. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! If that is not a rip off then I really do not know what is. So stock up on those things.
     2: A fan (or 2): DO IT. I swear to you that you will thank me later. My fan has been my savior. The first couple weeks it is so freaking hot on campus, I cannot even begin to tell you. I mean, I am all for summer and warm weather, but it got so hot in my room to the point where I was contemplating about sleeping outside. That is how hot it was inside. Also to add to this, a lot of shorts and t-shirts are a must.
     3: Extension Cords: just bring them. They help with everything.
     4: Command Hooks, double sided tape and duct tape: all the best things to hang posters or decorate different parts of your room. The walls here are cinder blocks therefore you cannot nail or tack anything into them. These all work super well.
     5: Shower Caddy and Shower Shoes: It’s just so much easier when you are walking to the shower just to have all of your stuff in one place instead of holding 6 bottles of stuff in your hand. Also, shower shoes are a must. The bathrooms here are pretty clean, but you just never know. Better safe than sorry!
(Flip flops are the best shoes to wear in the shower. I brought one pair that I use just in the shower)
     6: A Brita Filter/ any water filter: I was the girl that would never drink tap water. I just wouldn’t. I didn’t really enjoy the taste of it. So at home I would either drink water from the fridge or a water bottle. I would recommend getting one for school because it just gives you that nice fresh tasting water. (I am in no way saying that the water is bad here, I am just saying that I prefer filtered water. I actually do not own a water filter now, but I will be purchasing one soon.)
(A lovely Brita filter. Trust me, it is a good investment.)
Things you don’t really need.
     1: A TV: if you are like me, you like TV. I am a legitimate TV-aholic. So if I were to have a TV in my room, I would be watching it 24/7 and not do anything else. So I did not bring a TV. Also, chances are, someone on your floor is bound to have a TV. Become friends with them and plan TV nights to watch your favorite shows. Also, most common rooms in the freshman dorms have TVs where you can watch movies or just TV shows.
     2: An iron: I mean, let’s be real. By a show of hands (that I cannot see) how many of you actually iron your clothes? I know that my hand was not raised for that question. Chances are that if you really need something ironed, someone will have an iron and an ironing board for you to use.
     3: All of your winter clothes: Just please, please, please don't bring up your massive winter jacket when you first move in. It takes up wayyyyyyyyy too much space that you could be using for much other things. Instead, bring up a rain jacket and a fleece. (I am in love with my North Face fleece and wear the heck out of it.) Those, plus sweatshirts, should get you through until October break or Thanksgiving.
(If you are anything like me, this is what your winter gear consists of. That all takes up WAY too much space, so don't bring it up just yet.)
What am I listening to????

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