Friday, December 19, 2014

What's Next?

     This is just going to be a quick little post for your Friday afternoon viewing pleasure.

It is almost surreal that I am currently sitting in my bed at home. It seems like this semester has literally flown by. And I know that I say that at the end of every semester, but I actually mean it this time. Maybe its because I know that I will be hopping on a plane in 17 days to start a totally new adventure, but who knows. This semester has been my favorite by far. Yes, my classes were challenging. Yes, it had its points when I literally just wanted to give up and sleep forever. But it also had its moments of being amazing. I was given the opportunity to live with my best friends in an amazing suite. I was able to take classes that challenged me, but also kept me engaged and taught me that I was capable of any thing. I was given many opportunities in my professional life, for which I am utterly grateful. This semester had just been amazing. I am going to miss SMC so much when I am in London. I am going to miss everything about it. From the chicken patties on Friday nights, to the squirrels running around to the church bells going off at totally random times (but loving every minute of it). I am just going to miss SMC. I never thought that I would say that I miss school, but I will, and I do. Thanks SMC for being amazing. Can't wait to see ya again in the fall.


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PS- I know that you guys know how much I love summer camp. Here is an awesome new website that is aimed to bring camp people together. Whether you have been to camp yourself, know someone that goes to camp, or even if you just think that camp sounds pretty interesting, I highly encourage you check it out! Its A Camp Thing (HERE)

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

What I Have Learned from Blogging

     I love to blog. It is by far one of my favorite things. I can promise you though, I was not always like this. I never used to like to tell people what I thought or even talk to people in general. I was always shy growing up and never really voiced my opinion. When I was accepted to SMC, I was given the opportunity to "try out" for a blogger position. After a few months of blogging, I was chosen to do it! I was so excited and that excitement is still with me today every time I post something new. Over the past.....3, that's a long time, I have learned a lot of things through blogging.

ONE// Blogging has taught me that every skill you learn through it is useful in life. Through blogging, I am able to understand social media on a much deeper level. I am able to look at content and see the message that they are trying to get across. I can look at it and figure out the target audience or the method that they are trying to us. Blogging has helped me to understand companies' goals and help with my decision making skills along with my time management skills.

TWO//Blogging helps to foster connections with people. I know the target audience that I am writing for. It is college aged students and students looking at colleges. Yes, my mom and dad also read my blog. Especially through the blogging program here at SMC, I have been able to foster relationships with other bloggers. We write about pretty much the same thing, but they are the people that I turn to if I need advice and encouragement. I never thought that my blog would connect me to some pretty awesome people that share my same love and passion of blogging. (Wanna check out these awesome human beings? Click this link HERE to see what they are doing!)

THREE// Blogging has helped me to understand how the Internet works. The Internet is a magical place, my friends. Even though I spend far too many hours on it everyday, before I started blogging I literally had no idea how it actually worked. Before blogging, I just thought things existed on the Internet. I knew that people had to create content, I just had no idea how it was done. I have come to know now how websites work and operate. How they once start from a series of numbers, letters and characters on a page to create something wonderful when you are putting off writing a paper. Now I have the ability to look at other websites and understand the way that they came to be. Granted, I still have much much much more to learn, but I have definitely progressed over the years.

FOUR// Blogging has helped me to become a better writer. I tend to think that I am a pretty good writer. I think I am much better t creative pieces rather than research pieces, but that is besides the point. But making that decision is not up to me. It is up to the people that read the things that I post. Sometimes, just for kicks, I will go back and look at my very first posts. Holy goodness. Let's just say that the content is much more interesting now and my posts are much better written. I like criticism. I can take it. It helps me become better at what I do. I like when people tell me they liked a certain post or if they really didn't like one. It helps me to refine my skills. Practice makes perfect.

FIVE// Blogging has taught me that all you need is a little spark to start a wildfire. I love blogging, but sometimes it is nearly impossible to write. There are some days when I can churn out five or six posts and others when it seems like an impossible feat to just write one. All you need is a tag line or a simple idea to light the spark, once you have lit a spark, the flames just start to pour out.

SIX// Blogging has taught me to not wait for opportunities. One thing that I love about bloggers is that they all came from the same place. They all saw an opportunity and took it. All you have to do is create a name and a page and you're off. Blogging can catapult you in whatever direction you want to take your life.

Blogging has completely changed my life. At times it can be a challenge, but its a challenge that I truly enjoy and love doing. Try it. Start a blog and see what happens. If you don't want people to read it, write down your thoughts in a journal so if one day, you think blogging is what you want to do, you already have perfect content.
   Blogging has made me appreciate the little things in life. Every view and every comment makes me so excited with the content that I am able to share. As this year comes to a close, I look back and see how much I have evolved through this lovely world of blogging.

P.S.- We've been in the midst of blizzard-like conditions for what feels like an eternity, but it has only really been like 2 days. That being said, SMC is honestly the prettiest campus in the snow. Even though it is pretty all year round, the snow makes it even better. Also last night was Christmas dinner which is one of my favorite meals in Alliot. The best part? S'mores pizza!  
This is what my walk to class looked like this morning. We basically are living in Narnia and I am totally ok with it. 
Ahhhhhh!!! It was sooooo delicious!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Library Lockdown

     I totally apologize that I have not written in what seems like forever. Last week and this week have just seemed like a big jumble. It is all going by way to fast. I am really trying to savor my last few weeks in VT before I am off on a crazy adventure that some like to call study abroad. It is hard to get work done when there are a million other things that you would rather be doing. Honestly, I could name dozens of things right now that I would rather do instead of homework.......sleep, eat, watch TV, paint my nails, go get coffee, talk to my friends.... you get the idea. The list could honestly go on and on. I find that to accomplish things that I absolutely have to get done, I need to eliminate the phrase "I don't feel like it" from my vocabulary. I need to completely forget how to form those 5 words into a sentence and erase all traces of it from my memory. It is a phrase that limits your potential.
     Once you overcome that simple phrase, you can most likely find yourself trudging to the library to get all the work done that you need to get done. Personally, I am not a library person. I never have been, never will be. It is just way too quiet in there for more and I find that I am much more productive either in my own room, an academic building, or a computer lab in Bergeron (where I most often find myself). Whatever your study space may be, here are some essentials for those long nights of studying!

ONE// Coffee. I am a coffee drinker. I probably drink way more of it than I should, but I can't help it, I just really enjoy it. Coffee is good for those long nights in the library when you just need a little extra pep in your step. Caffeine can help keep you awake just so you aren't falling asleep on top of your books. But remember, a little caffeine goes a long way. Try not to drink too much to the point where it is physically impossible to sleep later on or to the point where you feel all jittery and shaky. That is not good! If coffee isn't your thing, opt for something else, like tea!
I love Starbucks, but there is not one that is really close to campus. Most days I either make coffee in my room, make a cup in Alliot or walk to Dunkin' Donuts. But if I am having a super big craving for Starbucks, I will treat myself every once in a while. My drink of choice is a Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade with Passion Tea! YUM! 
TWO// Planner. I have mentioned my planner far too many times on this blog and you are probably like "Susanna, we get it. You like to use your planner." But I am totally serious, I love my planner. It is my saving grace half the time. If I don't write something down, chances are I am going to forget it. When I bring my planner with me to study, it just lets me know all the things I have to get done and when I have to finish them by. For more tips on how to use a planner correctly, look at one of my previous posts HERE.

THREE// Headphones. Now as I said earlier, I enjoy noise when it comes to studying. I like a little background music. It just helps to keep me focused. But you can't quite listen to music out loud in the middle of the library, so that is why headphones are a must.

FOUR// Chargers. Sometimes you think that you will be going to the library for an hour or so but then you realize that you are going to be there for a lot longer than you expected. Then your computer is at 2% and you have to pack all your stuff up, put on your coat and trudge through the freezing cold back to your room just to grab your charger. Eliminate that struggle and just bring it with you to begin with. This also goes with other electronics like your phone or iPod.

FIVE//Comfy clothes. Now this one is up for debate, but personally I hate doing work or studying in uncomfortable clothes. I like to study in sweatpants, fuzzy socks and a big sweatshirt. I feel like when I am comfortable I am able to get more work done. Other people may prefer to refer to the slogan "Look good, feel good". Whatever you choose, I find that comfort is a major factor. If you can take the focus off feeling uncomfortable, it will help you get more work done.

SIX// Snacks. I mean, you can't go wrong with snacks, right? (check out my other post about snacks HERE) If you are in the library, make sure your snack is "quiet". You are probably now thinking "what the heck is a quiet snack?". Well, a quiet snack is something that doesn't make a lot of noise when you eat it. Loud snacks include chips, super crunch apples, or super chewy items that make you chew loudly. Opt for things that are quiet because loud snacks could annoy the people around you. Snacks are always good though because they can give you a quick energy boost when you are working in the wee hours of the night.
I chose to do my multimedia term project on one of my favorite stops on Church Street called My Little Cupcake. Of course I had to get one! Red velvet is my all time favorite and it was the perfect mid afternoon pick me up that I needed! 
Oh.... also don't forget your books :)

Good Luck and Love,

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     **I've been OBSESSED with MisterWives recently. Check them out!


Monday, December 1, 2014


     So it has been a little while since I have posted on this lovely thing of a blog. This past week was Thanksgiving, so I was a little too busy stuffing my face and enjoying the company of my family and friends to write. So, here I am now, back at school on a typical Monday. In class this morning we were given an article about these two old men who owned and worked on a farm. Even though they worked hard, they were so thankful to have each other and the farm. This got me thinking of the things that I am thankful for in my life. Over the past few years I have been blessed with many amazing experiences, so this is just my way of saying thanks.

St. Mike's// It seems only fitting to start with one of my favorite places in the entire world and a place that I have had so many amazing opportunities. When I am giving tours, I constantly get asked the question, "why did you choose SMC?" I answer the way that I normally do and then proceed on with the tour. But I am honestly so thankful that I ended up here at SMC. I think that if I were at a different school right now, I would not be as happy as I am.The opportunities that SMC has given me are something that I will cherish and remember forever.
gosh, freshman year seems like so long ago.

my clique. 
Blogging & Tour Guiding// Two of the opportunities that I have been given through SMC and two of my favorite things in the world. I am eternally thankful for everyone that reads my blog posts every week. Looking at the numbers of how many people read my blog makes me the happiest person in the world. And giving tours is just amazing. First, when you come to give a tour, give Stephanie, the woman at the front desk, a big thank you. She deserves it so much for all the hard work she does. Plus she is literally the nicest human being in the entire world. But also a big thank you to all the kind words after tours. When you say something nice to us, it makes us all so happy and I am sure all the other tour guides can agree!
       (PS- KnighChat tonight! Link HERE)

Summer Camp// If I didn't come to SMC, I don't think that I would have had the guts to pack up my things again and work at a summer camp. But I am honestly so thankful that I did. The people that I have met are honestly some of my best friends and some of my fondest memories come from spending my summers on the lake or in the woods. I have talked about my experiences many times, but I could honestly talk for days about it. I am just so thankful for camp because it has truly made me a better person.
some of my amazing girls. 

the group of people that I had the honor of working with all summer. 

Study Abroad// As you may, or may not know, I was recently accepted to spend spring semester in London (blog post about it coming soon). I am so excited, but also terribly nervous to go. I know that the experience will be something that I will never forget and I am thankful to SMC for giving me this opportunity.

Rugby// Obviously I have to add this one in there. Thanks to this amazing group of girls for being some of my best friends and for helping me find something that I am totally passionate about.

Our slideshow from the season. Check it out!

My favorite team. They are the most amazing group of girls in the entire world. I am so honored to be a part of something this magical. 
15 as 1
Family & Friends// I'm thankful for my family. They have given me so much in life and there are honestly not enough words to say thank you. And to my friends, both old and new, who are able to keep me centered and balanced. Thanks for putting up with me because sometimes I am be quite a handful.
I love my family. 

The twin.

my best friends at home always seem to balance out my weirdness. 

Figgles loves me. 

What are you thankful for?


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