Friday, December 19, 2014

What's Next?

     This is just going to be a quick little post for your Friday afternoon viewing pleasure.

It is almost surreal that I am currently sitting in my bed at home. It seems like this semester has literally flown by. And I know that I say that at the end of every semester, but I actually mean it this time. Maybe its because I know that I will be hopping on a plane in 17 days to start a totally new adventure, but who knows. This semester has been my favorite by far. Yes, my classes were challenging. Yes, it had its points when I literally just wanted to give up and sleep forever. But it also had its moments of being amazing. I was given the opportunity to live with my best friends in an amazing suite. I was able to take classes that challenged me, but also kept me engaged and taught me that I was capable of any thing. I was given many opportunities in my professional life, for which I am utterly grateful. This semester had just been amazing. I am going to miss SMC so much when I am in London. I am going to miss everything about it. From the chicken patties on Friday nights, to the squirrels running around to the church bells going off at totally random times (but loving every minute of it). I am just going to miss SMC. I never thought that I would say that I miss school, but I will, and I do. Thanks SMC for being amazing. Can't wait to see ya again in the fall.


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PS- I know that you guys know how much I love summer camp. Here is an awesome new website that is aimed to bring camp people together. Whether you have been to camp yourself, know someone that goes to camp, or even if you just think that camp sounds pretty interesting, I highly encourage you check it out! Its A Camp Thing (HERE)

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