Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cream Cheese Woes

Today is a super busy day and it has already started off fairly bad. I woke up at 8:25 for my 9:45 class. That normally gives me enough time to get ready and head out the door to go to breakfast at 9 with a few other girls on my floor. Well, this morning I also had to print out a paper for my class. So, after I was done getting ready, I hit print on my computer and sent my paper to the printer. I started my decent from the 4th floor down to the second floor lounge to retrieve my paper from the printer. Well, there was no paper. Great. So I headed over to Alliot to print it there. I got there, scanned my I.D. and waddyaaa know, its not in the print que. Great, just lovely. So I head into the Green Mountain Dining Hall and scarf down half of a bagel with veggie cream cheese (one of my high points of today) and the RUN back up to my room to RE-PRINT my paper. Time check? 9:20. Lovely. So I press print then sprint back to Alliot to print it. It prints then I have to RUN to Jean-Marie to my Macro class. That is done and now I am sitting on my bed, typing this before I have to complete my mound of homework before the first Founders meeting of the year and rugby practice. SO MUCH TO DO. But I am assuming since today started off fairly badly that the rest of the day can only go up from here, right? I mean, at the Founders meeting there is BYOB (bring your own bowl) Ice Cream Sundaes. Will post more later in the week!
Love and sappy love songs,
What am I listening to???

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