Monday, September 24, 2012

Things You Should Probably Know....

Hola amigos! That is pretty much the extent of my Spanish vocabulary after a tiresome day of classes, sorry to disappoint. But wow, it really has been a while since I have actually written a blog post. Once again, things have been NUTS here. Between classes, homework, rugby practice and a social life, things get pretty crazy. But I am finally writing another blog! YIPPIE. Anywho, after thinking up possible ideas for a blog post, I finally decided on a topic. Being from Connecticut, things in Vermont are a little bit different. So I decided to inform you on a few things you should know before coming to SMC.
1. Creemees. Not Soft Serve: This was new to me. In Connecticut, we say soft serve. But here in Vermont, they say creemee. When I first heard this I was all like "what the actual......who actually says that" But trust me. People do say it and people expect you to say it too. Once you step foot in Vermont, you do not say soft serve in public. You say creemee. OH! and while you are here, you better get a maple creemee. They are seriously heavenly.
2. Alliot. No, not Al-lee-ot. AL-LEE-OHHH. Please, please please never say it the first way. People here will look at you funny if you say it like that. Alliot is our dining hall/ student center. The dining hall is inside and its real name is the Green Mountain Dining Hall, but everyone just calls it Alliot. This is where you can see bunches of people and eat a lot of food. I mean, what is better than that?!
3. Squirrels: In my entire life time I have never seen squirrels as fearless as the ones here. I'm serious. First, they are MASSIVE. And when I say MASSIVE, I mean MASSIVE. Second, they are not afraid of you in any sense. Say if you are just sitting on the quad reading over your macroeconomics notes from class yesterday while eating a Cliff bar, a squirrel will literally just walk right up to you and take it. I'm dead serious. It is petrifying.
4. Planes: There is a military base right near the Dunkin Donuts and Cumby's down the street. There are massive fighter jets going over campus ALL THE TIME. And let me tell you, they are loud! When they go over me when I am outside, I am literally scared for my life because they are so loud. But look on the bright side, at least we are safe!
5: 1's, 2's, 3's and 4's: These are what most people call the townhouses. These buildings are where the upperclassmen (mainly seniors) live. They are really called the 100's, 200's, 300's and 400's, but most people refer to them as their first number. It just makes life easier.
(the 200's)
6: First year dorms: It is pretty much exactly as it sounds. WHEN you decide to come to SMC (see what I did there :) you will get a massive book in the mail with your new student handbook. In there it goes over the dorms that are available for the freshmen. Those dorms are Lyons, Ryan and Joyce. In the book, they lie. They say that the largest dorm rooms are in Ryan. FALSE. Well not really. They may be the biggest but they do not seem that way. In Ryan, the closets are actual physical closets. In Lyons and Joyce, they are big blue built-ins. Plus in Lyons and Joyce, we have shelves which are not in the rooms in Ryan. Also, I feel like there is much more space in Lyons and Joyce.
(the shelves in my room)
Well there you go! I am sure that as my time progresses here at SMC, there will be many more posts like this one! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about my life here at SMC!
Love and pumpkin spice lattes,
What am I listening to?

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