Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello all! It is a glorious Monday (well, as glorious as a Monday can be) here at SMC. Besides being a wee bit tired, today has been going fairly smoothly. The leaves are changing, the sun is shining and it is a perfect 53 degrees out. Construction workers have been working around to clock on the new Quad Common project and it is finally starting to look like an actual building. The massive fence that was placed around the library lawn is now gone which is very exciting because I feel like I haven't seen that part of campus in quite some time. All in all, campus is pretty busy and just pretty in general right about now, but sometimes you just want to get away from it all. YAY FOR BURLINGTON! Burlington is this magical city about a 15 minute bus ride away. Today, I found my way down there with a few other girls on my floor (Candice, Emma and Luci) just to get away from the hustle and bustle of SMC. Monday is the only day during the week when I am really able to go downtown because it is really the only day that I do not have rugby.
     To get to downtown, we take the bus. The stop is right next to the entrance to the school by McCarthy and Tarrant. The schedule is super easy to understand and there is a bus that can bring you almost anywhere. The one that we normally take takes you right down to Church Street which is amazing! It has to be one of the cutest places ever. It is a cobble stone street that allows people only. There are tons of shops and cute restaurants that seem to eat up your time like no other.
There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the street that is so stunning. When you look up to the left, you see this amazing building that I would love to live in. I want to live in it so much that I actually looked up to see if apartments in it were available and how much they might cost. No joke.
I want to live here. It is so pretty. Then Candice, Emma, Luci and I ventured in to tons of cute little stores! You would be amazed at the cute little shops that you can find on and around Church Street. There is one cute shop called Downtown Threads. It is right near Ken's Pizza and you have to walk up a flight of stairs to get to it. It is a small vintage shop that has pretty much everything you can imagine! It is literally adorable!
After, I really wanted to go to a store I heard about called Old Gold. It is this funky little costume shop and let me tell you, it is AMAZING. It is so funky and so cool and just so amazing that words cannot even describe. Luci, Emma and Candice all tried on funky costumes. Luci put on a pilot outfit, Emma dressed as a lady from the Renaissance and Candice wore a dress that looked like a mix of The Good Witch and the tooth fairy. It was hilarious.
Candice as the tooth fairy.
On our way to Old Gold, we stumbled upon The Little Cupcake. The cupcakes are TO DIE FOR. They are seriously amazing. I had a mini red velvet cupcake, salted caramel and cookies & cream. SO FREAKING GOOD. Go there. You have to.
Yes. We had 12 cupcakes between the 4 of us and ate them all in a matter of 5 minutes, that's how good they were.
After that, we just kinda wandered our way back onto Church Street. We went down this lighted ally-way that brought us out to a small park. It was so pretty. There were lights strung across the ally. Too bad we were not there when it was dark. I would have loved to see the lights lit. I bet it looks amazing during the winter months.
The prettiest ally-way I have ever seen.
Before sitting down at Panera for a lovely dinner, Luci wanted to go to STA which is a thrift store/ second- hand store on Church Street. They have everything from shirts to dresses to belts to scarves and everything in between. They also have everything from brands that you can find in your day to day mall to things that you would see on the runway during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.
Racks and racks of cool clothes.
All in all this afternoon was great. I was so happy to get the chance to really finally explore my surroundings and I truly enjoyed every minute.
Love and adventures,
What am I listening to?

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