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FAQ: Parent KnightChat Version

Hi all! So exactly one week ago I took part in a KnightChat here on campus. For those of you who are not familiar with what a KnightChat is, it is basically a large chat room where student bloggers and people from admissions chat with students and parents about questions they may have about SMC. Sounds fun right?! Well it is! Last week on the 18th it was the first parent KnightChat of the season I believe. It was a ton of fun and there were a ton of questions being asked. So I guess this blog post is more for the parents (sorry future Knights) but it can really help anyone! There were a lot of questions in the chat being asked more than once, so I decided to just answer them all now to the best of my ability so they are all in one spot! ONWARD.

1: "How big is the current freshman (first-year) class?" SMC is fairly tiny. Our freshman class this year (info by says our freshman class is 542 students.

2: "How many students in the school total?" Currently there are 1,996 undergraduate students at SMC.

3: "When is the early action application due?" It is due by November 1st!

4: "What is our retention rate?" 87% retention rate from freshman to sophomore year. This is well above the national average and one of the best in the country. 

5: "What is the average SAT score that SMC looks for?" SMC is currently SAT optional. You can either send your SAT scores or not, its up to you. Our average SAT score at SMC is around a 1740. But most of the students admitted hold between a 500-599 in all three subject areas. Most students admitted also have an ACT Composite score of 23-27
     **DISCLAIMER**: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not think that you need to have at least a 1740 to get into SMC. I did not have that and I got in. Admissions looks for a combination of good grades, extra curricular activities, class rank and teacher recommendations. Do not feel intimidated by those scores!

 6:"How big are the classes?" Classes here at SMC are fairly small. The biggest classroom on SMC is Cheray 101 and compared to other schools, its tiny. I believe the biggest class someone might be in would have a max of 60 students. That class would most likely be a combination of a few classes or an intro level course (like biology or chemistry). Most classes at SMC are around the 15-30 student range. Some classes even have as few as 4 people in them!

7: "What is the housing situation? Are you guaranteed housing for all 4 years?" YES! That is one of the lovely things about SMC! We, as students, are guaranteed housing all 4 years. As a freshman, you can get placed into 1 of 3 dorm options. They are doubles and singles and are separated by gender in each wing. Wanna know more? Check out one of my first blogs about living in the dorms! Click right HERE!

8: "What do students do on weekends?" RA's in each buildings hold socials on the weekends. Some include pumpkin painting, cupcake decoration, ice cream sundaes and Apples to Apples. They are tons of fun and the RA's really put a lot of effort into them!

9: "What are some clubs on campus?" Well, for short, there are a ton of clubs on campus. And if you find that there is nothing that floats your boat per say, it is so easy to just start your own club! Also there are a ton of club sports to get involved in! (I am kind of biased, but I highly recommend rugby! It is a ton of fun and both of the teams are awesome!) Sorry for the lack of information on this question, I plan on doing short "Club Clips" every week in the near future to give you some more insight on clubs on campus!

10: "What is one thing you would change/ don't like about SMC?" This was a very hard question seeing as I pretty much love everything about SMC. So i put my thinking cap on and thought hard about some things that bother me. And I have to say I came up with 2 things. 
         1. When it rains there are puddles everywhere. I mean, it can be a bad thing when you forget to wear your rain boots, but overall for a avid puddle jumper like me, its not that big of a deal. 
         2. The worst thing about SMC is that in 4 years, I will no longer call this place my home. I love it so much here and leaving is just a scary thought. 

Well thanks for reading! I hope this answered a few questions or at least put them all in one place for ya!
Wanna take part in a KnightChat? Click HERE!
The campus is literally beautiful. This was a couple nights ago on my walk to Alliot for dinner.
 Have a lovely day!
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