Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's All the Noise About?

     Hi all! I hope your week is fabulous! So for a while now there has been a lot of construction around campus. Well, its not really spread out around campus, rather, it is right in the middle of the residence quad. This project is called the Quad Commons and I thought I would share a little bit about it and how living in a constant work zone is going!
     First of all, when this project is finished it is going to be AHHHMAYZING. After looking at the pictures and talking to people about it, it sounds so cool and it will be an awesome addition to our SMC campus. This building is going to be a new student center as well as residence halls and is planned to be complete for the beginning of the 2013 school year! So here is the break down of the building.
     1st floor- a new cafe! (YAY FOR FOOD!)
                    a social lounge
                    a digital lounge
     2nd floor- fitness center
                     meeting space
                     Student Services offices
                     game lounge
                     radio station
                     table seating
     3rd floor- meditation room (SO COOL)
                     multipurpose room
                     seating for HUNDREDS

Also with the Quad Commons project, workers re-did the bath rooms and lighting in all the existing buildings in the quad (Lyons, Ryan, Joyce and Alumni). 
Now you are probably wondering, is the construction a pain. To be honest yes, sometimes it can be. It makes walks a little bit longer when you can't cut through the quad and it can get really noisy sometimes (like today). But you just have to think of the positives. At the beginning of next school year the building will be complete and we will have all of these cool new things to our disposal. While our walks may be a little longer and the construction sometimes wakes me up at 8:15 A.M instead of my alarm waking me up at 8:20, it will all be worth it in the end. Also, the construction workers are the sweetest people ever. If you wave at them, they wave back and it shows that they truly love the project they are working on. In the beginning of the semester my wonderful RA, Bizzy, wrote cute little notes that we hung on the hallway window so the workers could see. A few weeks later we found that they wrote a note back on a piece of ply wood. That just shows how awesome our SMC community is.
 As a perspective student, I would not write off SMC just because there is construction occurring now. Next year when you get here, none of this will be happening! Construction can be a pain, but it is something you get used to. It will be so worth it when it is complete!
For more information about the Quad Commons project, you can click the link right HERE.
Ya know, just chilling on top of a massive building. It guess it is all in the life of a construction worker.
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