Monday, October 22, 2012

First Year Seminars!

     Hi again! How is everyone doing on this lovely Monday morning/ almost afternoon? Hopefully you are having a lovely day just as I am. The weather here is amazing. The skies are blue, there is a slight breeze and the tress are gorgeous shades of orange, yellow and red. How was that scene setting for ya?! Can you picture yourself here yet? (Hopefully your answer to that question was YES I CAN!) Anywho, I will start off with a little story. At every college open house or tour that I went to my parents would always ask a ton of question and write a ton of stuff down on little note pads. (Yes they were those parents, yes, it is a little weird, but yes, it helped). Anyway, all the schools we visited had some sort of class designed for freshmen. Some had things like first year experiences, which thought you basic things to get along just fine on a college campus. Others had basic core classes that were just freshmen. But I really enjoyed the one that Saint Michael's presented to us.
     As a freshman (or first year as they call it here) you are required to take a First Year Seminar. These are classes that meet 3 times a week for 50 minutes. You can either take yours in the fall or spring semester. They are small classes with no more than 15 students. I really enjoy that and there is a seminar that suits every person out there. These seminars are writing intensive classes that get you acclimated to college level writing. Also, most of them are reading intensive as well.
     So you are probably thinking, what first year seminar did you pick Susanna? Well, I picked Theatre and Social Justice and I am very happy with my choice. In this class we read a ton of plays that deal with social issues. I really enjoy my class. There is a lot of reading and writing, but other than that, there are no tests and quizzes. I like how my class is like a community. We all know each other's names, where everyone is from, and what everyone believes.It is a great way to get to meet other people in your class. I also love my professor, Peter Harrigan. He is a theatre professor here at SMC and he is wonderful. Also, sometimes he brings in his dog, Daisy. Daisy days are the best days because we all sit on the floor in a circle and have class on the ground.
Daisy the schoodle. I believe she made an appearance  in one of my other  blogs. 
     But if theatre is not your thing, there are a ton of other options to choose from! There is Honors Drama and Culture, Off the Grid, Peace and Justice, The Examined Life and many others to choose from! Being a freshman here at SMC, I feel as though my FYS has really helped me get acclimated to college level writing as well as giving me 14 other students and 1 professor to connect to on a different level than my other classes. 
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Oh! And here are some other awesome things that are happening (in pictures, because pictures are pretty.)
The leaves are really changing.They look so amazing!

Halloween is coming next week. Jill and Sarah, two girls on my floor are already planning their costumes.
Sarah, in the banana suit, and her roommate, Jill. 

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