Saturday, October 6, 2012


Hi everyone! For some reason I have a TONNN of energy right now. I got back to my room at 1 o'clock(ish) this morning. We traveled to Bentley in Massachusetts for a rugby game yesterday. WE WON! YAY! Anywho, I woke up fairly early today considering that I went to bed around 1:30 a.m. But, I had to wake up anyway because we have ANOTHER rugby game today! And what makes it even more exciting is that it is a B side game again UVM so I am going to get a chance to play!
     Now onto a topic that I found pretty fitting for today. Today at SMC is the Fall Open House. YAY FOR NEW STUDENTS! So there are going to be tons of students walking around and going on tours. When I was looking at schools, I had to see every school I applied to. I feel like taking a tour is the best way to get a feeling of a campus. It is one way to actually be able to picture yourself at a school. And even though today is a fairly rainy day, SMC is great in all weathers! So here are some of my DO'S of touring!
(thanks to Emma and Lexi for these awesome pictures of fall on campus!)
1. Step to the Front: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS walk to the front of the group so you can hear what your tour guide is saying. I know, it may seem scary to be standing right in the front of the group, but that is how you will make the most out of your tour.
2. Write Some Things Down: None of us have perfect memories. I like to think I do, but I really don't. So bring a small note pad and write a few things down. And you might be thinking "won't the tour guide get mad if I am writing and not paying attention?" Well, unless you are doodling, the tour guide won't mind at all. Just remember to be respectful and write down only necessary items.
3. Be Yourself: The hardest thing, I think about college is finding where you fit in. On tours, don't be shy! Be who you actually are. That way, tour guides can give you the best tour to fit your personality!
4. Ask Questions: DO NOT worry about asking a stupid question. There are NO stupid questions when deciding your future and where you will be spending the next 4 years of your life. Ask anything from "what did you have for breakfast today?" to a really hard question that I cannot even think of.
5. Thank Your Tour Guide: After the tour, be sure to personally thank your tour guide. Walk up to them and say thank you. I know, you might be thinking, "that girl cray", no, no I am not "cray". When my mom and dad told me to do this I was like ummmmm no?! That's so creepy. But I promise you, it will make a big difference in your experience and it will probably make your tour guide's day. Also, while doing this, ask for his/her business card or email. That way, if you have any lingering questions you can ask and you are also creating a bond with someone at the school before you even get there.
6: Wander: After your tour, go on a little tour yourself. I know at SMC they really only take you around main campus because as a freshman, that is all you will really see. But take the time after to go look at the sports fields, wander through the townhouses and take the small trip up to north. While along your journey, don't be afraid to ask current students questions. SMC is a community and I have never dealt with someone saying "no" to answer a question. Everyone is here to help and everyone wants to see you come to SMC!
7. BLOGS!!!: After my tour of schools, I would always go look at the blogs! They really told a lot and I felt like I was actually connecting with someone I barely knew! Plus, they are always there if you need to ask a question!! In my application process, I read ALL of the SMC blogs. I loved them all but read two of them religiously! Here are links to Alex's and Gabbi's blogs!
Thanks for reading today guys!
Love and raindrops,
What am I listening to?

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