Sunday, December 13, 2015

Finals Schminals

     So that time is year is upon us. Sadly, that time of year is not too fun, instead it is probably one of the most frustrating times of the year. Yes, I mean finals. It is really weird to me to think that this is the second to last time that I will have to experience finals. Weird, I know. I have written a lot about prepping for finals. I think I post one almost every year or so. This post will kind of be a recap of everything we have discussed. I would say that this is my "holy grail" of studying hacks for finals. This list of things has helped me to survive numerous finals weeks and would ya look at me, I think i turned out ok. So, here we go!

ONE// Think about how much you have to do and how much time each task will take. I know, this is one of the most daunting tasks. It can be really frightening to actually visualize all the tasks that you have to accomplish. It is even scarier when you have to actually think of how long it will take you to accomplish these tasks. We all know that writing "read chapters 12-16" in your planner realistically gets you no where. Put a time on it. Say "read chapters 12-16 from 6-8pm". Then you will be more likely to do it.

TWO// When you are scheduling, add in a relaxing time. This sounds pretty weird to some people, but I promise you, it helps. Also, when adding it in, make it a non-negotiable. You should never feel guilty for taking time for yourself. This is something that is hard for me at times. When I have a lot of stuff to accomplish, I often feel like it is difficult to take time for myself. Adding it o your schedule forces you to take the time to refresh yourself. This also helps you to be more focused when studying.

THREE// Schedule in times to check social media. Whether you add this in on your "me-time', schedule time to check social media. I know that this is a problem for me. I am addicted to social media and I often get really distracted by it. When I set certain times to check it, it helps me to focus more on my work.

FOUR// Get everything together ahead of time. I am notorious for walking downstairs in my house or to the academic buildings, sitting down and then noticing that I do not have one of the things that I need to study. Then, I get completely out of the zone and have to get my head back into it. This goes for finding all the supplies you need, prepping playlists and making sure your computer is charged. Also, food and drinks is a big one for me. If I am hungry to thirsty while studying, I would put money on it that I will most likely get nothing done.

FIVE// Get some positive vibes circulating your space. Change the background on your computer. Write little notes in your planner. Do whatever you have to do to get you psyched and hyped to study. When you feel positive and happy studying will feel so much easier. The easiest way to do this you may ask? Smile.

SIX// Don't just write down one major task, instead, split it up into small groups. When I have a huge paper to write, I will instead split it up into small things, such as write thesis, do research, write body paragraphs or collect quotes. It makes a huge task become smaller and easier to accomplish.

SEVEN// Remember that finals is not a time to get everything absolutely perfect. At times it is hard to accept that you won't be perfect. But during finals, you have to understand that you cannot always achieve perfection. With a long to-do list, you won't be able to accomplish everything to your exact specifications. That is ok. Do everything to the best of your ability and you will be fine. Just remember, you do you and as long as you do your best, you're fabulous.

THREE// Do not pull all nighters. This isn't a problem for me. I love my sleep and I always will. I do have some friends that would prefer to stay up all night to study for an exam, but personally for me, I set a time for myself and if I don't finish everything by 11:30pm, I accept the fact that it probably won't get finished or that I need to wake up earlier to finish studying.

Well, that's all folks. I hope finals goes well for all of you. Remember, you can do it. In the end it is only a grade. Just work your hardest and you will be fine. 
Good Luck!


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