Thursday, January 22, 2015

Classes in London

     No, I am not just taking a semester off to live the dream in London. I actually have to do work while I am here. This semester I am taking 5 classes, which is one more than I take while at SMC. Richmond University offers a ton of classes and they are all really interesting! Because I am situated on the Kensington campus, I am taking all junior and senior level classes. All the classes offered on this campus are upper level classes (like our 300 and 400 level classes at SMC).
     My schedule is pretty awesome this semester. I have one class on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and two on Wednesday. If you couldn't already tell, this means no classes on Friday! Also, all of my classes only meet once a week which gives me extra time for getting work done and studying. All of my classes are 3 hour classes, which can kind of be a pain, but they are all super interesting which makes up for it.

     MONDAY// SCRIPT WRITING. I am super excited about this class. Out of all of the classes that I have had so far, I think this may be my favorite. The professor is a playwright for a living and he is super British and awesome. During the semester we are going to look at the differences between scripts for plays and scripts for film. We will also be constructing our own script for either a play or a film. I think its really cool because I will be able to have an awesome piece of work when I am finished and I will also be able to get a little insight on the industry as well.

     TUESDAY// FASHION & MEDIA. This class is pretty cool. The professor seems really sweet and again, he has a British accent. Through this class we will look at how the media portrays fashion and how it is shown and depicted to the general public. This class takes a specific interest in fashion within London. Earlier this week, our professor highlighted all the awesome places in London to see fashion.The one downside to this class is that it meets from 6:30-9:20pm and it is my only class of the day. But I suppose that leaves the whole day free for exploring or catching up on work!

     WEDNESDAY// RELIGION, MAGIC & WITCHCRAFT and SOCIOLOGY OF CULTURE AND SUBCULTURE. (aka this day is sociology day) In the morning I have religion, magic and witchcraft. I signed up for this class thinking that it would be my upper level religion class, but instead I took an upper level Philosophy at SMC. I was going to drop this class, but I decided to just stay with it and check it out. I am so happy that I did because it seems amazing. Through this class we will look at the sociology behind religion, magic and witchcraft among many other things. Some of the aspects that the professor discussed in class were things like psychics, mediums, voodoo, astrology and drugs. I thought it sounded so cool and the professor is really interesting. Plus I am in class with two of my good friends, Meggie and Ashley, so that always helps!
     Later that night (6:30-9:30) I have sociology of culture and subculture with the same professor as my Fashion and Media Class. The course description for this class is.... "this class will introduce the field of cultural studies by examining various concepts of culture, the positions taken in cultural criticism, the relationship between social and cultural transformation. Emphasis is placed on differences between the US and UK culture and the theory of subcultures." I'm pretty excited for this class but again the only downside is that it is so late at night.

     THURSDAY// PR & SELF- PRESENTATION. I really enjoy this class already. It is my only class on Thursday and it meets from 3:00-5:50. I have always been interested in the public relations industry so this class was right up my ally! My professor has worked in the public relations industry for many years, so he really knows what he is talking about. We have to do a lot of case studies in this class along with an on camera interview (eeek). Even though it seems like it will be challenging, the material is really interesting and I really like the professor.

A few days ago, my friends and I went and got tea. It was pretty so I had to take a picture. 


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