Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why London?

     So I currently know that trying to figure out study abroad stuff can be a little tricky. At least, I know it was for me. The cool thing about my major is that it was required that I studied abroad, so, I mean, that's pretty awesome. But deciding to go wasn't the hard part, it was figuring out where.
     I have always dreamed of traveling the world. I knew that I wanted to see exotic places and go on a crazy adventure. When I was looking at schools I made it a point to find a college with a good study abroad program. Thank goodness for SMC, because without them, I wouldn't be here.
     About a year ago I started looking at programs (the deadline for spring semester study abroad is in April I believe, but it is best to get going as soon as possible!). I looked at programs all over the world. I looked at places like Sweden, Switzerland, Croatia, Fiji and of course, England, to name a few. Then it was time to find schools in which I would attend while in a certain country. By that time I had narrowed my search down to my top 3: London, Croatia, and a multi-country program that would allow me to go to Hawaii, American Samoa and Fiji. Needless to say, my mother talked me out of the multi-country program saying that it was more of a "vacation" than school. While I have to agree with her on that one, I still think it would have been pretty cool.
     I finally decided on London, a place that I have always wanted to travel to. You would not believe how many schools are actually in London, the possibilities were endless! I ended up deciding on Richmond University through the program AIFS. I chose it because it was situated right where I wanted to be, it offered classes that I found interesting and all in all it just seemed like a fantastic program.
     Through a quite strenuous process, I finally finished all of my paperwork and handed it in. (I wish I had taken my advice to start early.....it would have been so much less stressful if I did.) Then the waiting game began. Come....October?... I think, I finally got my approval that I would be studying in London for this semester. Then even more paperwork began. Between getting paperwork set up, banking done, phone sorted and packing 4 months of clothes into a suitcase, I was finally ready to go.
So happy when I saw this in my Inbox!
     I know it as only been a week, but I can honestly say that all the work was worth it. I am in a place that I am absolutely in love with. For anyone reading this looking to study abroad at some point in time, I highly suggest checking this place out, I promise, you wont be disappointed.


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