Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Exciting Weekend

     Hey all! So I have currently been in London for two weeks. Crazy how fast time flies by. Last week was the first full week of classes (don't worry, I will have a post later on in the week describing all of my lovely classes). This past weekend was super exciting as we had a ton of trips planned with our program.
     On Friday, I don't have classes and neither do any of my friends. In the morning, I met my friend from home, Jess, in Hyde Park. We walked around a little bit and then found a cute cafe on the opposite side of Hyde Park from where I am located. It was really nice to see a familiar face in London. That afternoon, my friends and I decided that we would explore Oxford Street. We were mainly heading there because we wanted to check out Primark. We had heard so much about it, so we decided, why not? Let me tell you. It was magical. It was like 5 stories high and everything is so cheap (well, fairly cheap). They literally had everything that you could ever imagine in the store. I wish I took a picture to show you because it was amazing. I could have spent hours in the store, but we didn't, thank goodness. We walked around Oxford Street a little more and then we headed home. We basically just hung out that night.
Statue in front of Kensington Palace.
    Saturday we had a scheduled flight on the London Eye. Holy cow, it was amazing. First of all, we took the tube to Westminster. As soon as you walk out of the tube station, Big Ben is right in front of you. It is honestly so stunning. We walked over to the London Eye and waited in line. It wasa long line but it moved fairly quickly. Once we got on, the ride was incredible. The views that you were able to see were just amazing. We then walked back towards Buckingham Palace to look at it again. We headed home on the tube, ordered pizza and just had a lovely night.
Big Ben! 
The view of the London Eye when we were waiting in the massive line to get on.
My best friends here in London. (l to r: Ashley, Meggie, Me, Grace, Kerryn, and Caitlin)
     Sunday was a longer trip. We had to wake up early (at about 8am) to get ready to board a bus to take us to Bath for the day. The ride there was about 2 hours. It wasn't that bad but the bus was scorching hot for the first hour and a half. Once we got there we were given a quick little tour around. Our scheduled time to go into the Roman Baths was at 2pm. So after our tour we had about an hour to eat and hang out until we had to meet back to go in. My friends and I grabbed a quick lunch and then went to see the Baths. They were super cool. We were given these telephone-like things that would talk to us during our time in the baths to give us information. We didn't really use them, instead we just wandered around and took everything in. We also got to try the bath water. Yeah, you read that right. We got a chance to drink the water from the bath. It was horrible. It just did not taste good. But hey, at least I can say that I have done it. After we got out of the baths we had a little time to kill. Thankfully all around are shops. We found ourselves in Primark yet again. Were we mad about it? No. Not at all. I bought a nice bag and I am very happy about it. After our shopping, we headed back onto the bus for our ride home. We got back at around 6:30, just in time for our weekly family dinner at a local Italian place right around the corner from us.
Bath Abbey. 
One of the many Baths! It was beautiful.
     All in all, it was a great weekend. I am not sure what I am doing this weekend, but I know that whatever it is, it will be great!


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