Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No, I Don't Wanna Build a Snowman.

     I love winter. I really truly do. But come on. It is April. I am ready for blooming flowers, green grass, birds chirping, maxi skirts, dresses and sitting out on the library lawn just because it is warm out. I guess this is something that happens when you go to school in Vermont. Don't get me wrong, the snow looks glorious when it covers the large trees and coats the tops of all of the brick buildings. But honestly, I do not want to have to wear 2 pairs of pants to go to my classes that take a whopping 1 minute and 47 seconds to get to (i'm not exaggerating. I timed how long it takes me to get to my classes #weirdo). I'm just tired of freezing my booty off while outside and then melting like a popsicle on the Fourth of July (catch my reference?) once I get inside.
     Thankfully today is a little warmer. The snow is melting slowly and there is no ice on the sidewalks. When I say warm, I mean it is 46 degrees. That is warm for us believe it or not. We are all used to temperatures in the low 20's. It was really funny walking to class today and seeing people in shorts and t-shirts. I guess it is just something we get used too. 
it is finally getting warmer!!!

     While I adore taking advantage of everything Vermont has to offer when it comes to winter-y activities, like skiing, walking on the frozen Lake Champlain and sledding, I think that right about now I am ready for some warm weather activities. Some of the things that I look forward to when the weather gets warmer are...

-adventures to the rail road tracks.
[photo by one of by friends Lida. from last spring]

-studying s(aka anything but studying) outside
[studying outside last spring. as you can see, we aren't really doing much studying]

-not having to wear 1000 layers.
-enjoying some Ben & Jerry's... without people looking at you like you are clinically insane. Normal people eat ice cream when its -15 degrees out, right?
[l to r: Candice, Mar, Me, Lida.]

-playing rugby with shorts and a tshirt on. I am so done with all this layer nonsense it is honestly unreal.
-ice coffee. I love me some ice coffee from Dunkin  Donuts but honestly my hands turn into ice when I have to carry it. I am so ready for some ice coffee and having hands that don't turn into ice.
-biking. I don't bike normally, but one of the things on my bucket list while I am here at SMC is to explore the bike path in Burlington. Hopefully this year we can make it happen!

So Spring, where the heck are ya?! Please hurry up and grace Vermont with your presence. I am ready for some warmth!


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