Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Motivation: Brave.

     Yes, I still keep a journal. Totally a #writerprobs, I know. Don't worry, I don't write in it all the time, only when typing my feelings or speaking them aloud doesn't seem to quite have the meaning that I am trying to convey. I looked back at it the other day for inspiration for a new blog. One of things that I found funny is how I always doodle in the margins, drawing scenes of a life that I dream of or shapes that, if put together correctly, would have some mystical meaning. The common theme between all of my entries was that of doing something out of my comfort zone; something that required courage and bravery. Then it hit me. I was to write about being brave. Bravery is something we all too often reserve for heroes in the classics or our favorite characters in television series. Rarely do we ever think of ourselves being brave. 
      I dream too big. My mind dwells in a parallel universe that could rival even the most prestigious writer. In kindergarten I used to come up with intricate tales, sit down my friends in their typical 90's attire and tell them of my days spent fighting dragons and my nights spent sitting in my castle. You've got your hands full elders used to say as if my lack of limitations was somehow incapacitating.
     Today, I don't really have an idea of failure, nor have I ever. Susanna, only about 6 years old, would be telling you the same thing I am today. I want to make a difference.  Not a stutter, pause or ounce of uncertainty in my voice. It seems like the words possibly, maybe or if are not in my vocabulary. If is a word that to me, is toxic, almost unbearable to my vulnerable ears or poisonous to be spoken off my delicate tongue. I try to use it as little as possible because I am able to set my own limitations in life and if I tell myself if, then I am giving in to the possibility that I don't have what it takes to be great; that I am just doubting everything that I once thought. 
     But through life we are taught that the sky covered by white fluffy clouds isn't the limit for characters like Jack and the Bean Stalk or Chicken Little. So why should it be mine? 
     "If your dreams don't scare you, then they aren't big enough." I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard that quote tossed around throughout my two decades living on this planet. But sometimes the only thing you dream of is your bed signaling the end of a very busy and hectic day. Bravery isn't saved for the knights that fight dragons, public speaking in front of large crowds or solos in school plays. It could be asking for help in your macroeconomics class because you really did not understand what was happening. It is deciding to join the rugby team despite knowing nothing about the sport and it's deleting people out of your life because you are worth more than friendships that are nothing short of toxic. 

     These heroic acts do not have to be things that move mountains, cure cancer and they do not set off at the sound of a gun. Most of the time, they begin small...very small. With each step you take, each moment you live they grow larger. Sure, big things are amazing but I believe in acts of bravery that are ordinary. Things you can do everyday. Filling every second that you and I have lived with bravery. 
     No matter the size, big or small, be fearless; be brave. 
Learn Spanish and fail miserably. Fall in love and get your heart broken. Cry, giggle, build, give, dance, walk, sing, scream, write, lead and dream. And grow that dream. Just do it. Whatever your it might be.
     When I was in kindergarten, by dream was fighting dragons and living in a castle. Over a couple of years I went from being a young child with an idea to a college student with a purpose. If you were to tell my young self that those dreams in which I embodied brave would change my life, I wouldn't have believed you. But here I am now, dreaming like never before and fighting those dragons on a day to day basis; being brave. 
     Fight your dragons. Raise your hand. Dream. Inspire. Be brave. 


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