Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break!

Helllllooooooo, is this thing on?! Just give me a moment to dust off the cobwebs that have blessed this lovely blog that I call mine. I have been busy lately with classes, rugby, tours so Spring Break last week was much deserved. 
     I have not been home since January so it was really nice to go home again to see my family and my dog! I was planning on taking the MegaBus on Thursday at 3:45 to Hartford, but on Wednesday night into Thursday we got a MASSIVE snow storm here in VT. When I say massive, I mean we got 2 feet of snow in a night. So, naturally, my MegaBus was cancelled  to go home on Thursday. But all was ok because my lovely friend Sharon (read her blog HERE), offered me a ride home. So on Friday Sharon, her friend Shawn and myself packed into her Subaru and headed toward New York. I finally got home around 8PM after my dad picked me up from Marist College (where Sharon dropped me off) and after a quick pit stop at my uncle's house. 
     Saturday was fairly uneventful. I went shopping with my mom in the morning then went shopping again with my best friend around noon, then went back out shopping with my mom later in the day. It was all Target's fault, it was just calling my name the whole time I was home. Needless to say, it was a fairly good day. Sunday was sort of the same, minus all the shopping. I just stayed at home with my puppy for most of the time. 
     Fast forward to Thursday. Mom and I packed into the car to head up to Massachusetts to attend an award banquet for my Yiayia (grandmother). She was being honored as Quincy Citizen of the Year. My mom's whole side of the family was in attendance which was really nice. Earlier in the day I also attended a class that my Yiayia teaches at Mount Ida College. She gave me a quiz at the beginning and I got a 60. Good thing I was not actually being graded, but I still did better than I thought I would. 
    On Friday I hopped in the car with my Uncle Ted, my Aunt Cindy and their two dogs, Tupelo and Tessie to make the trek back to Burlington. It was really nice to spend time with them on the car ride up.Saturday I headed up to Smuggler's Notch with my dad, my Uncle Emmett, my Aunt Paige and my cousin Finch for a wonderful powder day. The conditions were great and no one was there which made the lift lines almost non existent. After a day on the mountain my dad, brother and I headed over to my Uncle Emmett and Aunt Paige's house for a big dinner that was delicious. 
     Here I am, finally, on Sunday sitting at my desk in my dorm room in Alumni writing this post before I start some homework due for this week. I could not have asked for a better week at home and now I feel refreshed and energized to finish the last part of this semester. 


P.S.: Saint Michael's Women's Rugby will be playing on Saturday March 29th at UCONN at 1pm! If you are in the area, be sure to check it out! More details will be posted on our Facebook page closer to the date!

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