Tuesday, April 15, 2014


      "Ahhhh the smell of sweaty gym socks and rubber floors in the morning." Probably the only place that you will ever hear that on campus is in the Tarrant/ Ross Sports Center here at SMC. Let's break it down a little more.
        Lets start with Tarrant. It's more formal name is the Jeremiah J. and Kathleen C. Tarrant Student Recreation Center. It was a $5 million project and was dedicated in October of 1994. On my tours, I like to say that Tarrant is more of our recreational side of our sports complex. It houses our field house which has 4 indoor courts that can be used to basketball, volleyball or tennis. It also has a 1/8 of a mile indoor track. It is also home to 3 racquetball courts and 1 squash court.
     On the second floor of this lovely building is where our weight room is located. In there we have everything you may need to get that body you've always wanted to impress your Alliot crush. Also on the second floor is a dance room. Obviously in the dance room people dance, but they also offer amazing fitness classes during the week such as Zumba, Yoga, RIPPED and Barre Fitness. The awesome thing about these classes is that it only costs $15 for 6 weeks of one class, which is insanely cheap.



    Then there are the things that people don't know about the second floor. Our athletic department is housed up there as well as coaches' offices and the viewing deck for the pool.
     Back down to the main floor we go! When you first walk into the building you will notice a desk to your left. That is where the lost and found is located as well as the place that you can go to borrow sports equiptment (such as basketballs). The Hall of Fame Room and Rec Rooms are also on the main floor.
     One of the unique things about the main floor of Tarrant is that there is a 2 story indoor climbing wall. It is sponsored by our Wilderness program and they do an awesome job of running it. Personally, I have never climbed it, but I have 2 years to change that! It looks like so much fun and everyone always says how great it is.

     When you are all done with your time in Tarrant you go through this wall of doors and TA DA! you are in Ross! Ross, to me at least, is our more varsity side of our sports complex. In here we have our main basketball court, varsity weight room, swimming pool, trainers offices and our trophy cases.
     The trophy case in Ross has to be one of my favorite spots on campus. It is really cool to look at all of the amazing things that our athletes here at SMC have accomplished. But I do have to be honest, my favorite part of the trophy case is all the way at the end towards the doors facing the library. There you will find our rugby banner from when we were champions of Rugby Northeast in 2012. 


     The main part of Ross sports center is our main basketball court. This is where all of the home basketball and volleyball games take place. It is also where a lot of orientation activities happen as well as our spring concert. Last year we had Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and it was truly incredible! 

     Also towards the back of the basketball court is a staircase that leads to our varsity weight room. It is reserved for all varsity teams and is normally locked. They use this instead of the normal weight room so that it doesn't get too clustered. 

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