Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Motivation: Happy.

     Without a doubt, some days are much better than others. There can be some weeks where everything is all fine and dandy and others where all I want to do is curl up in my bed and do abolutely nothing. Sometimes there can be an in-between, but it is not nearly as common as the other two. 
     Many people say that happiness is under your own control. You control your own happiness. After bad days, hard tests or late night studying, it is best to not dwell on the bad but rather go and do something to make you happy. 
     It is sad that all too often when something goes wrong, we as humans, at way to quick to point fingers or break out the sassy pout. I will be the first to admit that I hate admitting that I am wrong. No one wants to admit that they are having to deal with the consequence of their bad decision or that they are having a bad day. One thing that helps me to get out of this state of mind is acknowledging that this crummy time is only temporary. If I were to waste my time on the negative things that happen, I would miss so many positive opportunities. 
     To put it simply, you basically have total control of who is in your life. Ok, sometimes you can't control if you have to work with bad people on a group project or if you have people in your classes that speak way too much or ask dumb questions, but you do have the option to control who you hang out with all the other times. If you are in a friendship or relationship that is constantly the source of your unhappiness, cut the ties. If one of your friends is just a living ball of negative energy, choose other people to surround yourself with. 
     SMC is a place that opportunities for happiness arise on a day to day basis. My classes make me happy. My friends make me happy. My rugby team makes me happy. My professors make me happy. Vermont makes me happy. Blogging makes me happy, especially when I see that I have recently obtained over 10,000 views on this blog (holy moly!). 
[our amazing newbies make me so happy!]

     I wish you all the happiest of Mondays!


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(P.S- as stated above, my blog has recently reached over 10,000 views since it began. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported my blog over the past almost 2 years now. Blogging is really one of my sources of happiness, and I would not be this happy without all of my lovely readers. THANK YOU!!!)

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