Monday, April 29, 2013

P-Day Weekend!

     This weekend was one of the best times I have had at Saint Mike's this whole year. Since I started in August, I have been hearing a ton about P-Day and how much fun it was, but I still did not really know what to expect. P-Day weekend all started on Thursday night. 

     On Thursday, Saint Mike's campus was graced by the presence of Macklemore. Amazing. Over 3,000 people packed into the gym to watch him perform and let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC. He not only was great live, but he took the time to express his love for our community here on campus. One of our own SMC family members was diagnosed with leukemia and was unable to make it to the concert. Macklemore took time out of his day to go visit him at the hospital which tells a lot about his character. Then at the concert he told everyone that he went to the hospital and let me tell you, I was on the verge of tears. Between the jumping, dancing and singing (badly), I don't think I will forget this concert.

Macklemore sitting on the crowd

ladies ready for the concert!

     Friday was a pretty normal day. I don't have class on Friday's so for the most part it was like every other Friday. At around 12:30, all of the dance classes had their recital on the lawn between the library and Tarrant/ Ross. It was so funny to see some of my friends preform dances that they have been learning all semester. Later that day, both of the rugby teams on campus had their last games of the season. It was really sad to know that I won't be back out on the pitch for a couple months. I will really miss all of our graduating seniors. They have taught me so much over this past year and have become some of my close friends. It was also really nice to see a lot of Saint Mike's students come out to the games (it could have been because Alliot dinner was moved out there, but they still got to witness two awesome games of rugby!).
one of the dance classes. I believe they were pretending to be monkeys but I am not entirely sure.

The ever fabulous Gabbi Hall doing ballet!

My lovely RA Bizzy dancing her little heart out!

All of the dancers preforming Beat It!

     Saturday was the day that we have been waiting for all year. Saturday was P-DAY. WOOOOOO! That morning I woke up early because the rugby teams were signed up to do a three mile walk for Multiple Sclerosis. There were about 50 of us and it was a great time! We raised a ton of money for research and got to enjoy the beautiful morning! After that we all headed back to campus to celebrate the biggest campus holiday. P-Day is sort of what other colleges would call "Spring Fest", only ours is way better. We have a trike race, inflatables, live music, and free food! A lot of people make shirts with all their friends and just lay out and have a blast. Later in the night there was a mind reader/sword swallower and he was insanely amazing. Some of the things he did I was like "how the heck is that even possible." After that performance everyone found their way to Alliot for Late Night Breakfast. All I can say about it is that 1.) I wish it happened every weekend and 2.) it was so entertaining. 
The beautiful view from the MS walk!

The girls!

You can clearly tell that I adore Kallie!

     Sunday the campus was pretty quiet. As the hours passed the weather became amazing and a ton of people flooded the library lawn to do homework, play music or throw frisbees. Yesterday was the perfect end to an amazing weekend!
Sunday evening: sitting on the library lawn with Keri as she blows bubbles. 

Love and sunshine,

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