Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend and Bye Bye iPhone

Hi all! This week/ weekend have been pretty crazy around here! Luckily, last week we had wonderful weather, meaning all the snow was finally melted off of the 300's field! YIPPIE for spring rugby! We had a great week of practices and I cannot wait for this week. We have 2 games this weekend, one on Friday at 5 against UVM. This will be a B side game, I believe so I will get to play. Also it is really nice to be playing on our home turf. On Saturday we have a MASSIVE game. This is the first time in school history that a National Playoff game has been held here. Big deal right?! I am so excited to see my lovely teammates play. We have all worked so hard for this. (Hey you reading this. Yeah you. If you are by Saint Michael's College Saturday morning, you better be there. I mean it.) 
      This past weekend was Easter weekend. One of the perks of being at a Catholic school is that we get a lovely 4 day weekend for this lovely holiday. This was the first time that I wasn't in Massachusetts with my entire family for Easter. Since my brother did not have the weekend off, my parents came up here to spend a little time with us. Thursday afternoon I went with my friend Keri, my roommate Mar and our next door neighbor Candice to Keri's house to get a little taste of a very Vermont Easter! Even though I was only there for a little over 24 hours, I had so much fun! On Thursday when we got there, her family was a little ways down the road at their sugar house making maple syrup. I grew up only eating Vermont maple syrup so I was really excited to see how it was made. The sugar house was the cutest thing and her family was the sweetest. Plus, we got to try some freshly made maple syrup and holy goodness it was amazing. I could drink it all day! We then went back to Keri's house and passed out we were all so tired. The next morning we woke up and made a massive breakfast of waffles (with maple syrup of course) and a yummy smoothie. We lounged around for a while then went for a walk around Keri's house. Even though it was a little rainy it was so beautiful. After the walk, we played a couple card games for a little bit while we waited for her mom to get home so we could take the car and venture down to Montpelier. On the way, we picked up our other friend, Anne Marie. We had a blast walking around the cute town. The shops are adorable there. After that we just drove around a little bit and Anne Marie and Keri kind of gave us the low-down on the area. At around 6 my parents picked me up and we started back to Burlington to go to my Aunt and Uncle's house.
Keri's house is the cutest house ever!

Dirt roads for days.


     Friday night we just stayed in, talked, and ate some yummy pizza from Leonardo's. I found myself asleep by around 10. I was so tired. The next day was also a pretty lazy day. I played with the three dogs for a while, took a walk with my mom and slept a little more. Later that night, my cousin Kevin, my brother Nick, my uncle Emmett, my cousin Finch and her friend and my cousin Ryan and his fiance came over for Easter dinner. My mom made a lovely meal and we were all happy to see each other again. It is always funny to be around my Uncle Ted and Uncle Emmett because they both went to Saint Mike's. They always end up telling me stories about it and it is just hilarious. Saturday night I spent in my dorm room, pretty boring as no one was here. Sunday morning my family and I went to 11 o'clock mass, I said my goodbyes and they were off.
Tupelo the terror. We were all surprised that he stopped playing for once.

The cousins!
(l to r: Maryse, Ryan, Me, Finch, Nick, Kevin, Ayla)

    Then I guess that brings me to today. I woke up pretty late, around 10. Had some cereal and started taking in all the technology that I could. Tomorrow I start my one week technology fast for Media Rev. I have to admit. I am pretty freaking nervous. I do admit, I am addicted to technology and the thought of giving my teacher my phone and her locking it up for a week gives me nightmares. The only thing I can compare it too is me having to sacrifice my first born child. Yeah, I am that addicted. We will see how this goes.

Love and anxiety attacks because I don't have my iPhone,

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