Saturday, April 13, 2013

Backpack Backpack Yeah!

Hello all! Tech Fast 2013 is now over! HOORAH! Anyway, I have been meaning to address this in a post and just haven't gotten around to it, so I am now!
     A couple of weeks ago I was asked a lovely question by a student on the class of 2017 Facebook Page. (I encourage all Class of 2017 people to go join!) The question was about backpacks on campus. The question was....
     "Do most students on campus use backpacks or do they just use small bags?"
So here are my backpack tips and how I organize/what I have in my backpack!

While some people on campus use tote bags, the majority of people on campus use backpacks. It seems to just be easier when you have 2 textbooks, 3 note books, your laptop and a bunch of other stuff in your bag. It is just a lot easier to carry everything without getting really weighed down on one side!
    Here are some tips!

  • Get a sturdy backpack: backpacks can get pricey. But for me, I think it is worth it. My backpack is my life and can be used for many things. While you would normally just take it to class, it can be used for day hikes, bike ride trips, overnight trips or a gym bag. They always come in handy. Also, getting a waterproof backpack is a good idea. It does rain, snow and hail and your backpack tends to be exposed to those elements. So getting a waterproof backpack protects all of your precious cargo on the inside. While at the moment dropping a good $40-$100 on a backpack might not seem like a smart idea, it is. That backpack will last you all four years in college plus more years. A good backpack is everything. 
  • Try to get one with a laptop compartment: while not necessary, it is nice to have a designated place to hold your beloved laptop. It just prevents it from being damaged and the laptop specific pockets tend to have a little more padding to cushion it. 
  • Be unique: As you may or may not know, no backpacks are allowed in the Green Mountain Dining Hall (Alliot) so we all just leave them outside. In coming to school, I really just wanted a plain, black, North Face backpack. When I came for one of my tours, I noticed that half of the bags outside of Alliot are black North Face backpacks. I would suggest getting a funky colored backpack or, if you really want that black North Face backpack, add some pizazz with ribbons or pins so you can separate yours from all the others!
  • Get one with water bottle holders: Everyone on the SMC campus carries a water bottle to help the campus go green. It is always nice to have some water or something to drink if you are thirsty without having to spend money at a vending machine to grab a water bottle. Also, there are water bottle filling stations all over campus which really comes in handy!
What is in my backpack you ask? Well, why don't we take a look!?

My backpack is the Burton Treble Yell backpack. It is black and white checkered and I am in love with it. It is easy to spot in Alliot while also being neutral colors (it matches with all my outfits. haha)
My backpack!

What is in my backpack?
  • Bottom pocket: graphing calculator (TI-84), lotion, body spray, 2 hand sanitizers (don't ask me why I have 2 because I have no idea), and sunglasses.

  • Top little pocket: a slew of pens, pencils and highlighters. (I cannot just carry around one pencil, one pen and one highlighter. It gives me major anxiety to not have options), post-it-notes, gum, chapstick and normally a granola bar (just in case I don't have time to run to Alliot to eat!).

  • Big main pocket: as of now, I have 3 notebooks (Media Rev, Financial Accounting and Catholic Christianity) I also have my planner, my Financial Accounting Book and my Media Revolutions book. On Tuesdays and Thursdays my laptop is normally occupying the laptop pocket. 

  • Side mesh pockets: my water bottle normally occupies one of those, the other is almost always empty.

I hope that you found this post helpful! If you have any questions feel free to ask away!
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Love and backpacks,

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