Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

     I am supposed to be writing a paper right now, but my brain feels as though it has turned to mush and I cannot possibly string together another sentence on my topic. So, in order to give my mind a little rest, I figured I out write a little favorites post for all of you lovely people of the internet. As always, these things tend to be completely random and they most definitely will in this favorites post.

ONE// Flowers. I literally have an obsession with flowers. I love all kinds of flowers. Pink ones, purple ones, yellow ones, ones that grow on trees, ones that pop up from the ground, literally any flower, I love it. London is honestly beautiful at this time of year. All of the flowers are starting to bloom. Everything smells so fresh and alive. My walk to class is on a residential road that is lined with trees with pink flowers. It honestly takes me a little longer to get to class these days because I find myself walking a little slower to take in the scenery.

my friends surprised me with flowers this week because they know how much I love them! 
TWO// Water. I know, random. But I warned you, didn't I? Its normally good to drink a lot of water and most of the time I do. It is really easy to do when I am at school because I always carry a water bottle with me and there are filling stations all over the place. London is a little different in that aspect. No one really carries around a nalgene covered in stickers with them and there are no water fountains any where! It is honestly so stressful at times. I noticed recently that I had been getting a lot of headaches and feeling tired, so I started to up my water intake and I feel a lot better!

THREE// Vegetarian Salad from Foubert's & pizza from Da' Mario's. My group of friends and I go to Sunday dinner every Sunday at the same place. It is a small family owned Italian place on Kensington High Street called Foubert's. I used to normally go for the spaghetti but a few weekends ago my roommate, Grace, ordered the vegetarian salad. It looked so good that I just had to order it the next time. I did exactly that and I haven't looked back since. The salad is massive and it has tons of goat and mozzarella cheese on it with mushrooms, tomatoes and cucumbers. It also comes with a large basket of fresh bread. It is honestly so delicious and I find myself thinking about having all week long. It is really filling and really inexpensive for what you get! I also went to Da' Mario's last week and it was fantastic. It was one of Princess Diana's favorite places to eat, so I knew I had to check it out. I got a cheese pizza and it was honestly one of the best pizza's I have ever had!


FOUR// The Blogger Effect. Saint Mike's is honestly home to some amazing bloggers (I may be a little biased). Senior seminar for MJD students is honestly one of the biggest things that any student can accomplish. While further trying to procrastinate on all of the work that I have to do, I noticed a lot of senior seminars being completed. I definitely thoroughly creeped on Juliana and Lauren's senior seminar project called The Blogger Effect and I was completely blown away. It is honestly amazing and if you have time I totally suggest checking it out HERE!

FIVE// All types of music. Summer is one of my favorite seasons (I think most people would agree) and one of my favorite things to do in the summer is drive in my car with the windows down playing some music. It is the most euphoric feeling in the world. Normally during the summer, I completely re-do my summer playlist. Each year, I find that songs I play have direct ties to memories and every time that I listen to them I am able to replay that memory in my mind. So, as summer is swiftly approaching, I figured that I would need to start collecting songs to add to this playlist. Here are a few that I have been loving lately!

Sistar: Touch My Body// So this is probably the "weirdest" of the songs on this list. First off, its Korean, so I can barely understand a word that they sing. But trust me, it is so dang catchy that you will physically have to stop yourself from dancing along to it!

The Vamps: Last Night// I am pretty sure that this song came out a while ago but I just never heard it. Its really catchy and super fun. I can totally see myself listening to it in my car when I am home for the summer. 

Ben Howard: The Fear// I have been listening to Ben Howard for a while. I adore all of his music. Out of all the songs on this list, this has the most acoustic sound to it. Its pretty mellow and has a great message. Plus, Ben Howard has a voice like butter, there is basically nothing to dislike. 

SIX// Vlogs. I am still on a vlog kick. I don't know why, but I just find them so entertaining. Last favorites post I mentioned the Shaytards. Recently, I have been obsessed with the SacconeJoly's daily vlogs. They literally have the cutest kids in the entire world and their house is stunning. Their videos are normally around 10-20 minutes long and I find myself engaged through the entire thing. 

That is pretty much it for now! I should probably get back to that paper that I have been putting off for far too long. Not long now before all the school work will stop. I only have 27 days until I am on a flight back to the good old U-S of A. It is honestly crazy how fast time flies!


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