Friday, April 24, 2015

Decision Time!

     It seems so crazy that once I finish my last exam on Tuesday, I will pretty much officially be a senior in college. It seems like just yesterday I was going through acceptance letters to try to figure out which college I was going to spend the next 4 years of my life at. For me, deciding to go to St. Mike's has and will be, one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. For incoming first years, I know the struggle that you may be facing right now. It is a big decision that often times leads to a lot of stress. Especially since the May 1st deposit deadline is coming up so quickly, now is crunch time. A lot of things can go into your decision about attending a college. Is it a residential campus? Are there sports? Is the food good? What are the dorms like? These are all incredibly important details that shouldn't be overlooked, but there are somethings that really shouldn't weigh into your decision. So I am here to tell you a few things that you probably shouldn't base your college decisions on.

ONE// No one has heard of the school. Sure, some schools are more well known than others. SMC is a small school in Colchester, VT. More often than not when I mention it to people they have never heard of it. This also goes with the reputation of a school. Everyone always dreams of attending an Ivy, but choosing a school just because of its prestigious reputation doesn't necessarily mean its the right school for you. Look beyond the name to find if it is really the right fit for you. Are classes organized like you like? Does it have things on campus for you to get involved in?

TWO// All of your friends are going to a different school.  I have to admit that this is probably one that I relate to the most. For those of you that don't know, I am from southern Connecticut, so northern Vermont is a little bit of a drive for me. All of my friends from high school, and I mean basically all of them, go to school in either Connecticut, Massachusetts or New York. I was the only one that was really looking at schools far from home. It sounds really intimidating to go to school without having your friends right by your side (especially people that you have been friends with since you were 5), but that is the whole point of college. I often times say that college was the best thing that ever happened to me. Without college I wouldn't have made the friends that I have made, made decisions that I did or have had the opportunities that I have been blessed to have. So if you are all alone, don't be afraid. It will be one of the best things that has ever happened to you!

THREE// You're in a relationship and distance isn't your friend. I didn't have this problem, but I did have friends that had a hard time with this. Its up to you and your significant other as to how you are going to maintain a healthy relationship, but this is a decision that you ultimately have to make for yourself. Focus on your future and in today's society going to the correct college for you can help to facilitate that future.

FOUR// It costs too much. NEWSFLASH- college in the United States is expensive. Period. It is going to be expensive. Take into account financial aid and scholarships. You won't be able to calculate how much colleges actually cost until you take into account financial aid and scholarship prices. Also, if you are really set on a school and your scholarship or financial aid package still won't allow you to attend, talk to an admissions counselor and explain your situation. More often than not, they are more than willing to help!

Ultimately, pick the school that you feel fits you the best. I know that I got that feeling the first time that I stepped onto campus. It was a feeling that was like "wow, I belong here". Follow your gut and trust your heart. Do what is best for you. You will make the right decision.
Good luck!

If i didn't choose SMC, I most likely would not have met some of my absolute best friends. 


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