Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Final Stretch

     As always, its been a while. Things have seriously gotten so crazy here. Like incredibly crazy. If you could only see my to-do list you would probably pass out on the floor its that long. I guess that is what happens when it is coming close to the end of the semester. I repeat, the end of the semester. Literally. I looked at my calendar this morning and I only have 32 days left in this magical place. A little over a month. Is this a joke? It feels like just yesterday I was frantically running around my house trying to pack up all of my last minute things and organize all of my documents and passport and crying about checking in my flight (yes, I cried because I didn't do it right the first time and I panicked....cut me some slack). But now that I have been here for about 3 months it all seems so crazy.
     I have realized how absolutely magical London is. Everywhere you look there is something new. You can walk the same street every day and still find something new every time you walk down it. You can see new people. Hear new sounds. Smell new things. But no matter what changes, it always seems to stay the same. Its nice now because flowers have started to bloom. It looks fairly different than it did when I arrived, but I like it. I like the change and the growth because I feel like it reflects me. It shows the changes that I have felt. I wrote before about how I realized I have gained a lot more independence and I still think it holds true. I've been able to have this experience and while I may be living it with hundreds of other study abroad students, every one's experience is completely different. We all may see the same things but how we interpret it and understand it are all completely different.
i am basically living in a fairy tale.
     I am going to be very sad when it comes time to leave London. To leave my friends both from the program and from outside. I'm going to miss this street and getting woken up by construction and screaming school children every morning. I'm going to miss family dinner every Sunday night. I'm going to miss being a hop, skip and a jump away from some of my best friends that I have met over the past couple of summers. But I'm excited to go home and see my family. For some reason, being here doesn't seem real; like a dream. So, yeah, I'm going to miss London because I love London but I also miss my real world.
     The next 32 days are going to be absolute madness. There are so many things that I still have to see and do and on top of all that I have to work hard to get all of my school work done. I can do it. I know I can.


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