Monday, March 16, 2015


     First off, holy goodness, this blog currently has over 16,800 views. Can we just take a moment so have a mini freak out and dance party because never in a million years did I ever think that this many people would ever read what I have to say. So thank you. And now, in typical Susanna fashion, I shall start this post. So......
     I know, its been a while. Well, actually, it hasn't been that long. A week maybe? Slowly getting back into the swing of things over here in Kensington. The weather is getting a lot nicer which makes it especially hard to concentrate on school work, but don't worry, I'm getting it all done. I wasn't really sure what to write today, so I figured I would throw it back to one of my favorite types of posts: my favorites. I don't know why I like these so much. I guess I enjoy them because it gives me a chance to talk about things that I like that I wouldn't normally talk about? I'm not really sure, all I know is, I enjoy writing them. So, let's begin!

ONE// Macaroons. I have always loved macaroons. I just think they are absolutely adorable and taste delicious. Since I have been in London, I have constantly been on a hunt for macaroons. Thankfully I am here to announce that I have found some delicious ones. Although they have quite a high price tag (at about £3.50 each) they are absolutely delicious when you are looking for a decadent treat. They are from the William Curley counter in Harrods and my goodness they are delicious. 


TWO// Strolling the park. As I mentioned earlier, the weather is getting really nice here in London. Some days it can even be upwards of 60 degrees which, for a girl that goes to school in the snowy tundra of Vermont, 60 degrees is basically a heat wave. On days when its sunny and warm, Hyde Park is my go to place. It is honestly one of my favorite places in all of London. Each time I go I am able to see something new that I haven't seen before. I love grabbing a coffee before I go and just walking around and looking at all the flowers and (running away from) birds.
so pretty.
THREE// @knightlifevt Instagram! Guess what?! SMC has a new student run instagram account and let me tell ya, its pretty great! Follow the lives of a new SMC student each week to see what goes on. Follow it! I promise you won't be disappointed!
follow follow follow
OUR// Shaytards vlogs. I might be a little slow on this one, but for some reason I have been really been into watching the daily vlogs of the Butler family. They are a family that vlogs every day and they have been doing it for 6 years. They are all just so entertaining and the family is absolutely adorable. But watch out. It will totally suck you in and you will find yourself watching vlogs for like 3 hours.

FIVE// Starbucks. I feel terrible for saying this because I am a die-hard Dunkin Donuts fan forever and always but there are no Dunkin Donuts here in London and when you have a coffee craving you just have to fulfill it. While I will always and forever love Dunks, Starbucks has been my go to while I've been here. What is also great is that we have a Starbucks in our main academic building and all of their drinks are at discounted prices. While I don't get it everyday, it is a nice treat every once in a while. The three things that I typically get are an iced chai latte, a caramel machiato, or just a plain iced passion tea. 

That's all for now. OH but guess what?! My parents are coming to London this weekend!! EEEK! Can you believe it?! So I am sure next week I will have tons of talk about when the parentals come to town!!


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