Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saint Mike's Truths

     For a little Tuesday night blog lovin', here is a quick little post for your viewing entertainment.
As a student at Saint Mike's there are things that are just the truth. They are things that no one has to tell you is true, you just know it. So for all you students that may be interested in SMC, here are somethings that you are just going to have to accept!

1. You must hold the door open for anyone within a 10 foot radius. Everyone holds the door for everyone. No questions asked. Just do it. It shows how much we actually love each other if we hold doors for strangers.
but, yeah.

2. You must go to weekend brunch. Basically the best meal of the entire week. The only excuse is if you are home or have a sporting event to play in. That is it. This also goes for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.
Brunch, Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Dinner are by far the best meals in Alliot. 

3. The library or chapel are good points of reference. If someone ever asks you where something is and you can clearly tell that they have no clue where the heck they are going, use either the chapel or library as a guide. They are both main focal points on campus and pretty distinguishable from other buildings, thus making them great points of reference for lost visitors.
When people are totally freaked out that they are lost on campus, simply direct them to where they need to go using the Chapel or Library as a point of reference. 

4. The best picture of the mountains is at the view. Hands down the best place for your typical Vermont mountain picture. Also a great spot for photo shoots with your friends.
you betta weeerrrkkk

5. Whenever you need to write the word "night" you will constantly find yourself writing Knight. I promise you, this happens all the time whether you admit it or not.
The feeling you get when you realize that you have handed in a massive paper and you used the wrong form of night. BRB while I sob for all of eternity. 
6. P-Day is a holiday. Accept it.
this truth dates waaayyy past the 90's. 

7. When an event offers free food, that means it is either Leonardo's, Wings Over or Alliot. Take your chances and plan accordingly.
But it is free food so, I mean, come on. You can't let it go to waste, now can you?
8. AL-EE-OH. That is all. One must never, and I repeat, NEVER, pronounce the silent T at the end of Alliot.
My face when someone pronounces Alliot, AL-EE-OT (I'm looking at you dad.)
9. If you think hot dog day is better than chicken patty day then your whole life is a lie. Never trust a hot dog-er over a chicken patty-er.

10. Squirrels are not afraid of you. But seriously. They will stand in the walkway until the moment when you are basically standing on top of them. They will also eat food right out of your hand if you offer it generously.
11. During finals and midterms, claim your study spaces early. If you are looking for a space in the library, Dion or the academic buildings, claim them as early as possible. If you don't, there is a very high possibility that you won't get your favorite seat by the window or your favorite classroom with a rolly chair.
When you are in your favorite place, finals and midterms can look a little something like this. Be sure to claim your spot early. 
12. The workers in Alliot are the best people ever. I mean come on. How can you not like Abid, Anne or Senadina or even Rosemary. They are all so fully of personality and if you crack a few jokes to them you will most likely make them love you forever which means Lucky Charms even when they aren't out. Also, being on Rosemary's good side is everyone's goal, but only few accomplish it.
"Well hello Rosemary. You are looking beautiful today. Did you do something to your hair?"
     Gosh, there were just too many to pick from, but these are by far my favorites. Maybe another one of these will be up soon? Who knows?! As for now, enjoy!


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  1. This is my favorite SMC blog posts. I could see why you've had so many visits. Well done. Snape (... you, dad.) gif - priceless Keep writing.

    1. thank you so much!! your comment means so much!