Friday, May 2, 2014

Just Call Me the Energizer Bunny

(I know I missed Monday Motivation this week but it is finals week, cut me some slack.)      My sleeping patterns have been horrible lately. All of my work seems to be piling up and it is a mad dash to get it all done before Wednesday of next week when I have to pack everything up and make the trek all the way home. Sometimes, I find it really hard to stay energized during the day while I am trying desperately to get all of my work done. 
     Some mornings I will wake up rested and awake and other times I will be seriously dragging a bit. I am 100% a morning person. I normally go to bed really early and have no problem getting up even if I am exhausted. While last semester I literally felt like I was running on the last drop of energy in my body, this semester I have learned to manage my energy. I am a lot happier because I am able to manage my time and how I feel throughout the day. Believe it, it is a major game changer. Obviously, like any normal human being, some days are better than others. I would say that it is certainly a work in progress, but I think I am starting to finally get the hang of it.

1. Make some delightful choices. Honestly having a lot of energy comes from making good choices. Procrastination (which is a topic that I tackled in a previous post that you can read HERE) drains energy. Lounging around all weekend in your comfy sweats can seem really relaxing at times but then Monday morning creeps up on you way too fast and you feel super sluggish and tired. Ladies and gentlemen, that is energy management at its finest. I am a total advocate for staying up all night and watching Dance Moms but if you have important things to do the next day, you need your sleep.
     Honestly, I have been staying up way too late than I should most nights. I don't even know how I spend that late night time.

2. Coffee and the sweet stuff called sugar. I LOVE COFFEE. I really do. But believe it or not over the past year or so I have really cut back on my caffeine intake. Now I really only have one cup of a coffee a day and maybe a cup of tea. But I feel so much better now. Certainly there are days when one cup of coffee is just not cutting it, but those tend to be days where I made a bad decision the night before (see number one is reference to the Dance Moms marathon.) Even though I have a major sweet tooth and I tend to put a good amount of sugar in my coffee, I do not eat that much sugar during the day. It makes a huge difference so I don't get spikes of energy and then a major crash throughout the day.

3. Bye Bye Bed. I love my bed. I really do. I probably spend way too much time in it between homework, aimless internet browsing and sleeping. I haven't done homework at my desk until a few weeks ago and let me tell you, it makes a world of difference. Now my rule for doing homework is: if I can sleep through an entire night comfortably in the place I am doing homework then I should not be doing homework there.

4. Get Out. Sometimes when I am doing work I can get really frustrated and that is when I just need to get up and move. It can be anything from taking a quick walk down the hall to going on the nature trail behind the 3's. What ever it may be, I just need to move. I find that when I get back to doing homework I am able to concentrate and think clearly.

5. Fill your Belly. Pack your diet with healthy foods that help you feel full for longer periods of time. I tend to eat a lot of protein because it helps to keep me full for long periods of time so that I don't crave sugar and salt (salt is my weakness). Also when I miss a meal it is really not good. I go from being super productive to not being able to do anything. It makes me feel super sluggish and tired. Eating properly, healthy and regularly is really important to stay energized throughout your busy day!


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