Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Update

     So I have been on summer vacation for about 3 weeks now and I actually have to say that I am sufficiently bored out of my mind. Being home makes me realize how incredibly thankful I am for SMC. There is something so heartwarming in the fact that your friends are seconds (literally) away anytime you possibly need them. 
It is finally beautiful outside!

     My summer has been boring so far. I start work on June 7th so I have had sometime to sit and relax..I  think too much time. Most of the days I find myself waking up late then walking down stairs to sit on the couch for the majority of the day.
( l to r: Me and my friend Kayla)
We got to see all of our friends that were still in high school go off to prom! 

It is officially summer when my dad makes ribs! 
      I've done a bit of reading since I've been home as well. The Fault in Our Stars had me in tears and The Lake of Dead Languages was a great suspenseful book but not the best to read before bed. 
Read The Fault in our Stars. It is literally fantastic! 
     That's all I really have to say other than the fact that I am absolutely ecstatic to start working next week. It will be my second year working at the same summer camp and I am honestly counting down the days until I go back. I promise to write more over the summer, but for now, have a lovely summer!


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