Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Motivation: Farewell

      So the semester is coming to a close. I feel both happy to finally be on a break but sad to say goodbye to this lovely place and friends for a while. This post is mainly towards the graduating seniors that have changed my life in more ways than one. 
     Coming into school last year I was really nervous about making friends and feeling welcome. I found a great group of friends both in my grade but also older than me. It was so sad at the end of last year when I had to say goodbye to them as they finished their final year here at SMC.
     This year is no different if not a little worse. Some of the graduating seniors this year have made my time at SMC truly unbelievable. They have accepted me, welcomed me into their lives and taught me things that I will never be able to repay them for. They are the type of people that I aspire to be someday. They are the type of people that when you are having an off day all they have to do is smile at you and say hello to instantly brighten your mood. They have the ability to make you laugh so hard that you feel like you just did an ab workout. They make you think critically about life and teach you how to see the best in every person. 
     I am going to keep this post short because I am already tearing up writing about it. The worst part about being at SMC is having to say goodbye to people every year. We truly are a family and it is something I am forever grateful for. I have never felt so accepted and loved in my life. Thank you to all of the seniors for taking me under your wings and teaching me things that sitting in lectures and reading text books couldn't. 
     Good luck next year in what ever you have chosen to do. I know that you will all be amazing. I am honored to not only be graduating from the same institution as you all but to also be able to call myself your friend.
 Congrats class of 2014, you will be missed dearly.


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