Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Can't Think of an Interesting Title.

     Here I am, sitting at my lovely kitchen table listening to my dad speak about the tires on school buses or something like that. This week has been great. Spring break has been really good to me. While I love school, there is just something about being home that just always makes you happy. Home is a place that well, will forever be home. It consists of my dog taking my seat on the couch constantly, my dad chatting me up at the kitchen table, my brother in his basement cave playing video games and my mom cooking the most delicious meals for dinner. I love home. 

     I guess what I am trying to say is that going to college teaches you a lot of things. I see everyone on the Class of 2017 page and they are all so excited to come to school. That's amazing. I am so excited to see all this love for the school. But, there are somethings this summer that you must do, no matter where you chose to go to school. I got the idea to write this blog from Gracie. I stumbled upon her SMC blog while looking at some other ones. I have to say that I am so bummed that I didn't read her blog sooner. It is amazing and her writing style is something that I strive to achieve someday. Her posts have reaffirmed why I love SMC so much. If I tell you to do anything on my blog, this is one of the things that you should actually really do. I highly suggest reading her blog. She always writes about finding out who she was through her college experience. It is something that I have thought about a little, but her blog helped me to go more in depth with it. In high school, I never really knew where I fit in. Through my four years at high school, I played 4 sports, was in 2 drama club productions, took a ton of classes, and belonged to a bunch of clubs. I had friends in every side of the school. It was a good thing. I liked being able to walk down the hallway and from every which direction there would be a "Hey Suze!" or a "hey are you going to practice after school?" or "see ya at rehearsal tonight". That was cool and all, but I guess I never found a place that was me. I never belonged to one certain group, so, in coming to college I made it my mission to rediscover myself and who I am. So before you take the biggest step into adulthood and make that transition from high school senior to college freshman, here are are somethings that you should most likely....probably....really do. 

  • Love yourself: I know. This one can be hard sometimes. Some time you wake up and your hair looks horrible, you feel awful, and no matter what you put on, you just feel like you look horrendous. I promise you, I have had too many of those days. There comes a point where you just have to be like, I'm me. I'm not changing anything. This is who I am. Going into college with this mindset will do wonders for you. I pinky promise. 
  • Know Yourself: This one was the hardest one for me. Like I said before, in high school, I didn't really know where I fit in. Before you go to college establish who you want to be. Establish the morals you believe in and the things that you want to accomplish. Don't want to drink in college? Then don't. Stay firm to what you believe so that not only you understand what you want, but also the people around you.
  • It is OK not to like everyone: Growing up they teach you to love each other and to sit in a nice big circle of love and sing kumbaya. While that is all fine and dandy, it is not totally realistic. You aren't going to love everyone you come across. Granted, there is a large difference between being civil and loving. But still, if you don't like someone, no one is going to force you to be friends with that person. It is college. You make your own decisions. Just don't make stupid ones.
  • Love your parents: They are the ones that got you to where you are. Sometimes they can get a little annoying, but hey, that's their job. They love you. Realize that and you will be all set.
  • Figure out who your friends are: I had a lot of friends in high school. Actually, I should probably change that up a little. I had a lot of school friends, you know, the people you are in classes with all the time and talk to in school but would never see them outside of school, yeah, I had a lot of those. But then I have my best friends. People that I have known for a really long time and can count on them for anything. People that I want to stay in touch with. There is always that common thing that people write in the back of year books like "stay in touch" or "I hope to see you next year" or "come visit me in college". Sorry to burst all of your bubbles but about 98% of those are complete piles of horse poo. Find out who your true friends are. You will thank me later. 
  • Live a little: Put that extra butter on your popcorn. Eat that piece of chocolate cake. Yeah, it might hurt you a little, but it was so dang good while it lasted.
Love and I'm not really sure of something to go along with this so I will just say sloths.
Love and Sloths,

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