Monday, November 26, 2012

So I've Been A Little Busy

Hello world! I would just like to take the time now to apologize for the lack of posts recently. We had championships (which I will tell you all about), my computer has been on the fritz and it was Thanksgiving break, so I had little time to actually sit down and write something. So now, as I sit in my dorm waiting for the rest of the hall to slowly trickle in, I will fill you in on everything!
    So last weekend we had championships for rugby. Let's just say it was a massive deal. The weekend before we had beaten Holy Cross to secure a spot in the championship game against Stonehill. A few weeks prior to the Holy Cross game, we had acquired our first loss of the season to Stonehill. Needless to say, we were out for blood (not literally I promise, we just really wanted to win.) So down we went the night before and stayed in a swanky hotel (but really it was a Holiday Inn Express, but it was very nice). This was the first time our team has been able to stay in a hotel for a long time so it was really special. The next morning we woke up, ate some food and loaded up on the bus to the field. Everyone was so nervous but so excited to just get out there and play. It was game time and I swear I have never seen a more intense game in my life. Just knowing what was on the line made it that much more intense. But in the end, we came out victorious. Everyone rushed the field crying and yelling and jumping up and down; we were all just so excited. It is something I most certainly will not forget. So, in the spring we will be traveling to
(get excited everyone)
well basically that happened.
     After that whole amazing time Thanksgiving break crept up right quick. I was SO happy to go home to see my family and friends and my puppy. I missed everyone so much so being back was awesome. I got a ride home with my friend Emma, who I am sure I have mentioned once or twice. It was a great ride and her family is so sweet. Then my dad, brother and uncle picked me up at our "meeting spot" and drove me the rest of the way home. Home was so nice. We ordered Tuesday Night special (chicken parm, pasta, pizza, salad and rolls... yummmm) and then I went out for froyo with my 3 best friends. It was so nice to see them because I haven't seen them since August. That is WAY too long. So we ate some froyo and talked and it was just great to see them again. Wednesday I basically did nothing. Lounging around the house basically with a little homework scattered in here and there. Thursday- Thanksgiving. This year it was just the four of us. Normally we go to Pennsylvania but this year with all the traveling already going on, we decided to stay home. My dad fried a turkey, yes, you read that right, he fried a turkey and there we no explosions. We ate a ton of good food and even put up our Christmas tree. Friday my mom and I woke up at 4:30 A.M. to go shopping. This is kind of like a tradition for us. We got a lot of great deals and a lot of nice presents for people on our lists. Saturday was my dad's birthday so we had a little party for him. Annnnnddddd I also got new snowboard boots, a helmet and goggles. So Excited! Sunday was an all day ordeal driving home (and by home I mean here, to SMC). When we got back, I unpacked, sort of,  and decorated our door for the holidays! I finished some last minute homework and caught up with everyone. And with that were are here, on Monday morning. And its snow. And Mar and I are listening to Christmas music. But for now, that's about all that has been going on.
(my little nugget in her favorite spot)

(the padre and Bob celebrating their birthdays!)

(happy holidays from 465!)
(dad frying our lovely turkey)
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