Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Festivities

Hello all! How have you been? I have been lovely, thanks for wondering. It is now coming to that time of year where things get super crazy. Finals are in 1 week and there is just so so so so much that needs to be done. So this weekend, my friends and I decided to do some fun things before the finals madness starts.
     Friday. We all got out of class and did not feel like starting homework yet. So what do us college kids do? Build a fort of course in the lounge. You probably think that I am kidding. But I'm not. That lounge was the best thing to happen to us all. It is literally amazing. It was quite a feat. It took a lot of sheets, blankets, thumb tacks, and moving furniture around to get it. It wasn't the best fort ever, but we have plans on making even better ones, you just wait. Also, Friday night was JibFest, which is so much fun. I love to watch trick riding for skiing and snowboarding and that is just what it is. The ski and snowboard club at SMC build a ramp with rails on the 3's field and get snow trucked in from a mountain. There are heaters, food and music. It was a blast despite the frigid cold temperatures.
JibFest 2012!
       Saturday. The girls and I on the floor decided to go down to Burlington just to wander around. We walked down Church street and then down to the waterfront. And might I say, the water front is absolutely beautiful in the winter. Even though it was cold, it was well worth going. We walked back up to church street, got some My Little Cupcake and Starbucks and even got to ride on a carriage pulled by miniature ponies. It was very fun and we were all so tired afterwards.
All us girls!
(l to r: Mar, Keri, Emma, Me, Colleen, Candice, Luci and Lida)

Emma and I riding on the carriage!
Thanks to Lida for snapping this awesome picture!
   And then I guess that brings me to today- Sunday. Woke up, took a shower, went to brunch and now here I sit in the bird's nest writing this instead of doing my Statistics study guide (I promise ma if you are reading this, I plan on finishing it.) That's about all that happened this weekend. Now back to reality of late night studying and classes. Only 2 more weeks left until Christmas break!
Love and SO MUCH TO DO,
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