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Sorry for the completely uncreative title on this one guys. My brain is literally mush from all the work I have been having to do with finals coming up. I am actually really surprised that I able to put a sentence together. But that being said, here is a little post on my major/minor(s).
    I am first going to start off by saying that next semester about this time, these things may not be the same. Since I have been here at saint Mike's I have switched my major twice...I think? First coming into SMC I was a declared education major. On registration day, I made the switch to a business major. I felt like it opened up more opportunities for me in the long run. So recently I have been taking courses in the business department and I have been starting to think "eh, this doesn't really seem for me." So, in the spring, I will change my major (once again) to a Media Studies Digital Arts Journalism major (or MJD for short). I love all aspects of social media and I find it really interesting. I am really excited to start my new major in the spring and I have heard a lot of great things about this department.
     Minors? I haven't really given much thought to it. HAHA that's a lie. I actually have. In a prefect world, I would love to graduate with a MJD major and a business and theatre double minor. Why? Well, I think having a strong background in business with MJD will really benefit me in the years after graduation when I am looking for a job. Plus, I have already taken some classes in the business department so I figure might as well finish. As for theatre, I just really enjoy it. I love learning about plays and designing is my favorite. I think the creative part of theatre can really help me with the "digital arts" side of the MJD major.
Classes in the business major that I have taken:
Macroeconomics- for me macro was very difficult. I have more of a creative mind as opposed to a logical one. It was a struggle all semester. I spent countless hours in my professor's office asking him to go over everything so that I could understand it. I think it was so difficult for me because it was my first semester in college- I didn't know what to expect. But as the course went on, I began to grasp more concepts and start to retain the information. I loved my teacher Reza Ramazani. He is very good at what he does and is always willing to help.
Statistics-I really liked this class. Although it was challenging at some points, I really learned a lot. I loved my professor Lorrie O'Donovan. She is literally the sweetest human being you will ever meet and she really knows what she is talking about. She is always willing to help you out to get the highest possible grade you can get.
    As for classes that pertain with the theatre minor, I have taken Theatre and Social justice, which I believe is not a required course in the theatre department as it is a first year seminar. But never the less, it is a theatre class. I love this class. It is with Peter Harrigan who is amazing. Even if you are not a theatre major/minor and are looking for a good, interesting and fun class, I would highly recommend a class with him. I mean, he even had my class over for dinner the other night, who wouldn't like that?!
   As I said before, in the spring I plan to change my Business major to a MJD major. I have no classes that I can say I have taken yet, but I am sure that once the spring roles around, you will hear a lot about my experiences in Media Revolutions. I am so excited to take this class as I have heard a lot about it.
  Well, I guess that is it for now. SMC really makes it easy to find what you love. Even if you come in as a bio major, it is really easy to switch to anything. All of the professors are amazing and always willing to help.
Even this photo has appeared once on my blog, Christian told me that I just had to include it in this post.
   I (hopefully) will post another blog soon, that is, if finals don't eat me alive first!
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