Friday, February 28, 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Discount?

     One of the perks of being a Saint Mike's student, or a college student in general, is being able to get awesome discounts just by flashing your snazzy school ID. I mean, who doesn't love a good discount? I know that I love getting a discount on things. There are tons of businesses that offer discounts, here are a few of the ones that I think are really great!

- Amazon Student: With Amazon Student, you get a free trail of Amazon Prime for a year. This includes unlimited two day shipping that is free on all orders and a one-day shipping upgrade for only $4!

- Amtrak: If you sign up for Amtrak's student advantage card, you can save 15% on all ticket fares. So for the avid traveler or for those that use the train to get home for school breaks, taking advantage of this could save you a good amount of money!

- Banana Republic, J. Crew and Madewell: All of these wonderful stores offer a 15% off discount in all stores with a valid school ID. This is an awesome one to take advantage of because these stores can tend to be on the pricey-er side of stores. 

- Goodwill: If you are not into the stores posted above and are more interested in thrift shopping, then Goodwill is the perfect option! At most Goodwill locations, you can get a 10% off discount with a valid student ID!

- Eastern Mountain Sports: For the outdoorsy people, EMS offers a 15-20% off discount This is an amazing deal as the majority of their stuff can be a bit expensive!

- FedEx: As a student, you can get a 20-30% off discount on shipping.

- New York Times: As a student, you can get a subscription to the New York Times for a reduced rate.

- Chipolte: Receive a free drink with a purchase and a valid student ID!

- Buffalo Wild Wings: BWW offers 10% off your total with a student ID!

Another thing that is special about the KnightCard, our student ID card at SMC, is that it acts as our bus pass for the CCTA bus system here in Vermont. The CCTA is our form of public transportation to all of Chittenden County. Our KnightCard is also taken as a form of payment for places like Cumberland Farms right next to campus and Sweetwaters downtown on Church Street, along with other places!

     See, there are a ton of perks about being a college student! Another good thing about SMC, is that most of these stores are in close proximity to campus. So whether you want to grab a quick bite to eat, do a little shopping, or find an easy way to get home, there is always the option to do it at a discounted price! What could be better than that?

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