Sunday, February 16, 2014


     So this past week it has been quite chilly up here. On Friday, we got hit with a pretty large snowstorm which brought us at least a foot of snow. It was snowing all day long on Friday. It was snowing so bad, that the scavenger hunt that I signed up to help with for Founder's Society got cancelled (I was really bummed about it). There are some upsides to the snow though. 
     One of the amazing things that is offered if you are a SMC student is our sweet deal to Smuggler's Notch. As a student, you get a $65 adult season pass to Smugg's. This is INSANE seeing as a regular adult season pass will cost you over $500. The great thing about this pass is that it gives you 50% off rentals and lessons, it gives you discounts on food, unlimited access to the mountain and access to the pools and hot tubs at Smugg's. The other wonderful thing about it here at SMC is that on the weekend there is a shuttle that takes you from campus to the mountain and back. What is not to love?! So many students take advantage of that here at SMC. 
     Another thing is that the snow looks beautiful. While sometimes it can be a wee bit chilly, the snow on campus never fails at being gorgeous. Campus looks like a mix between Narnia and Frozen, what is not to love about that?!
       Speaking of Frozen, I believe that I am one of the few people that has yet to see it. All of my friends that have seen it absolutely adore it. The other day I was perusing YouTube like I normally do and I found this video and just HAD to share it with all of you! It is amazing!

     Sledding. I mean, who doesn't love sledding? On Friday in the middle of the blizzard some of my friends and I had the wonderful idea to go sledding. Across the street at the view is a hill and we thought it would be the perfect place. Now, none of us had sleds. So we used cardboard boxes, old Alliot trays and the lids to some of our storage boxes. The old Alliot tray proved to be the best method. We had a blast as we froze. It was definitely a ton of fun! One of my good friends, Lida, has an amazing camera and takes great pictures. Here are some that she took that day!
I'm always posing. Why? I have no idea. 

Candice giving Kelsie and I a little push in hopes of us gaining enough speed to go off the jump at the bottom. UPDATE: it didn't work. We missed the jump. 

(l to r: Courtney and Candice)

(l to r: Courtney, Candice, Me, Teresa and Kelsie)
That is pretty much it for now! 
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