Thursday, October 10, 2013

That Awkward Moment When Suze Forgot to Blog

     Actually, I didn't really forget. Things here at SMC have just been insanely busy lately. Between classes, rugby, homework, and giving tours, these past couple of weeks have honestly just been more of a blur. I totally apologize for that. Anyway, it is hard to believe that this semester is already half way over. I mean, I just had a midterm today which basically indicates that I am already a quarter of the way done with my sophomore year of college. Hold on for a second while I have a mini panic attack... AHHH I DON'T WANNA GROW UP! And now we are done. So I thought I would take this time to give you a little update about my life and what is going on here in the lovely 802!

  • Classes: I am loving my classes lately. Granted, they are a lot of work and when I say a lot of work, I surely mean A LOT of work. Sometimes all I want to do is crawl up in a ball and just sit and not do anything. That can never really happen, but all my classes keep me engaged and I find them all pretty interesting.
                     Magazine Writing: (T/TH from 8:00-9:35) This is an elective class and I took it because I thought it would be really interesting. It is really interesting in the sense that I get to design, write for and create my own magazine. How many people can say that they have actually done that? I originally planned on taking this class for fun, but it has proved to be harder than it looks. This class, by far, gives me the most work. It is way harder to write your own magazine than people make it out to be. All those big, well-known publications make it look all so simple! Other than the workload, I really do love the people in my class and Professor Cleary is very knowledgeable and such a sweetheart!
                     Media Law & Ethics: (T/TH from 9:45-11:20) I really really really like this class. Oh, I forgot to mention, I REALLY like this class. I have always been interested in law, I guess it was all of the Law and Order and CSI shows that I watched growing up, but I find it all fascinating. I love Professor Griffith who teaches the course. You can really see her passion for the topic as she teaches and I think that makes me like it even more. 

                    Digital Media (M/W from 1:30-3:05) Again, I really like this class. Going into it, I didn't expect it to have as much reading as it actually does. For each class we either have to read a large portion of a book or we have to read about 3 to 5 long articles and write about them. There is normally an online portion as well where we are creating something on Illustrator or Photoshop. I personally really like this class. I love learning new things on the computer and love being creative. Also, Professor Swope, who teaches the course, knows a lot about the information that he is teaching and he is very enthusiastic about it which keeps us engaged and willing to learn. 

                     Physical Geography (W/F 9:45-10:50 Lab F 1:30-4:30) I am not a science person, never have and never will be. I am taking this course to fulfill my science requirement of my LSC. I actually enjoy this class, as I like the professor and I think that the material is somewhat interesting. I think the only reason why I don't really like this class is because I am not sure how I can relate it to my media studies major, but I think that will just take time. To say the least, I have no intention of switching my major to environment studies anytime soon, I just like media studies way too much! Professor Stroup is amazing though and she really knows what she is talking about and is always willing to help!

  • Rugby: as you probably already know, seeing as I talk about it a ton, I am on the women's rugby team here at SMC. I adore this team and it is one of my favorite things about SMC. The season has been going fantastic so far (we currently post a record of 4-0). We are working with a brand new team this year, which, at times, proves stressful, but we have all learned to work together as a cohesive unit to complete a singular task. This season we have a lot of away games, for example, this weekend we will boarding a bus to play at Merrimack on Saturday at 1 (if you are in the area, you should totally come!) We really have high hopes for this season and hope to keep possession of our title of reining champions of the Rugby Northeast Division 2 Women's 15 Champions! if you want more information about rugby, you should check out both the Rugby Northeast Website as well as the SMCRFC Facebook page!
Line out during the game versus Providence College. SMCRFC came out victorious with a close 3-0 win.
(picture taken from the Saint Michael's College Women's Rugby Team facebook page)

  • Tours: last year I was offered the position as a tour guide for campus. I was so excited as it was one of my goals coming into college. I love talking to people and sharing my love for SMC with them. I have been giving a lot of special tours lately (tours that run on off hours, such as Sundays, or after an information session). I enjoy talking to the families and answering questions about SMC. I am super excited to keep working as a tour guide and encouraging people to come to Saint Mike's! To sign up for a tour, click the link HERE.

  • Fall at SMC: When the autumn months roll around here at SMC, I get so happy. Why? Because it is absolutely beautiful here. The leaves change color and everything looks like it just hopped right out of a painting. The crisp air wakes you up on your morning walk to your 8am, the pumpkin spice latte just tastes better and the apples are much crispier and delicious. Basically, I love fall. Especially fall here at SMC. 

300'S Townhouses and a lovely hot air balloon.

Field Trip to the Proctor Maple Weather Center last Friday with my Physical Geography class. 

Love and being insanely busy,

OH! P.S. There is a KnightChat TONIGHT! Starting at 7:30 pm and going until 9. If you are possibly considering SMC as a school, I would totally recommend checking it out! You can login HERE.

P.P.S: One of my really good friends here at SMC, Q, has a radio show here on campus. It airs every Tuesday from noon to 2pm on WWPV 88.7 The Mike! Here are some links for it!
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