Friday, September 20, 2013

Aaron's Party

Yes. I did go to an Aaron Carter concert. Yes. It was awesome. One of the many perks of coming to SMC is its close proximity to many music venues. One of my favorites is Higher Ground. Higher Ground is amazing. It has two rooms on the inside, one bigger room and one smaller room, and it has this really cool retro vibe throughout. Tickets to see the show were only $15 and it was well worth it to fulfill one of my childhood dreams. I went with a bunch of friends and we all had a blast. It was packed in the venue and sometimes it was hard to see (because I am short) but it was still really good. Well enough of me babbling. Here are some lovely pictures from the concert!

So close. And yes, I did touch his hand. It was amazing. 

VT <3 AC.... but really.

*fangirl* *childhood dreams coming true*

Before concert picture!

After concert picture!

ALSO! Tomorrow, Saturday, is a RUGBY DAY! The Saint Mike's Women's rugby team will take on Providence College tomorrow at 4pm at Providence. So if you are in the area, come and stop by!
Come see this in real life! Yes, it is pretty awesome in pictures, but it is EVEN BETTER in person!

Love and childhood dreams fulfilled,

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What am I listening to?
Aaron Carter of course. 

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