Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rugby Memories

When a season comes to an end, it is always sad. Yesterday was nothing different. Thankfully it was a beautiful day, maybe a little on the colder side, but we were all ready to face what was ahead. It was our National Playoff game against the University of Hartford. We did not really know what to expect going into the game. All we knew was that they had a few fantastic players, but if we worked hard, we would be able to win and advance in the National Tournament. Sadly, we were unable to defeat them. They were a great team and played with just as much heart as we did. So, now the season is over. 12 weeks of working our butts off, numerous games, what seems like hundreds of workouts and countless laughs with amazing people has come to a close. It was sad not only in the fact that we lost, but because that was our last time that we would have stepped onto a pitch with our amazing 11 seniors. I don't really know what else to say, so I guess I am just going to give you some of my favorite things that happened this season. 

1. On one of our bus rides, Q and I were the only ones that were awake. So what do we decide to do with our time? Have a photo shoot and take pictures of sleeping team members of course!
Love you ladies! hehehe
2. Getting full extension on my line outs....FINALLY. Trust me, this is a very big accomplishment.
Line out in the game vs. Providence

Line out in the game vs. Bentley
Line out in the game vs. Bryant
3. Having the opportunity to be a big rugger this year!
(l to r: Candice, Molly (our little rugger!) and me!)
Molly made us these amazing signs!
4. Going apple picking with the team during fall break! It was a great team bonding activity and it was beautiful. Plus, we got amazing apples and got to swing on a rope swing!

Line out technique can be helpful in everyday life as well!
5. My favorite game of the season had to be when we beat Merrimack 5-0. It was an incredible game and our team really showed a lot of heart out on the pitch. Also, my family was there!

6. Preseason! 
Our second preseason game at U of Albany
7. Seven has always been my lucky number. I find it only appropriate to end with the number 7. My last favorite thing of the season were the 40+ girls that I got the opportunity to play rugby with each and every day. It is hard to explain SMCRFC to people who have never experienced it. We are closer than close. Everyone loves each other. We protect each other on and off the field. One of my favorite quotes about rugby goes like this: "you can't be a champion with anything less than twenty-two players". This is unbelievably true. A winning rugby team needs an abundance of players with determination and dedication, not just one or two stars. Rugby is a game about trust. We trust when we are breaking a line and basically running into 4 girls, we trust in lineouts when we lift someone in the air, we trust on scrum downs that we will be safe, we trust that our teammates have our back. I am really going to miss playing with these girls for the next couple of months. 
     Our season in a slideshow: HERE

Cheesin' hardcore with Cosgrove. 
Thanks for an amazing season ladies!
**the majority of the pictures used in this post were taken from the SMCRFC Facebook page which I encourage you to check out!
***The quote used comes from an amazing article about women playing rugby. It will also be linked below!

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