Sunday, May 5, 2013

Classes for Next Year!

     Lately, I have been getting a ton of questions about what classes I am taking next year. So I figured, why not tell you!? Earlier this semester I declared my major as Media Studies & Digital Arts (with Journalism) and I could not be happier! I am so excited to really start taking classes in this major as it really interests me! In the fall, I will be taking 3 media classes and 1 other course to satisfy one of my LSCs.

The classes I am taking are:

MJD-110: Digital Media: Art, Culture and Theory (Monday & Wednesday from 1:30-3:05) with Professor Swope.
The course description is as followed:
"Digital media have changed radically the ways words, images, and sounds can be manipulated and delivered and, in the process, have altered the ways in which humans communicate, express ideas, get information, and conduct relationships. Students are introduced to new technologies used to create digital art and develop basic proficiencies in digital imaging (Adobe Photoshop), digital illustration and animation (Adobe Illustrator), and web design (Adobe Dreamweaver). Students are introduced to the critical examination of the digital revolution, including issues connected to privacy, consumerism, artistic/creative expression, media ownership, multitasking, and mediated representations of reality."
*Course descriptions copied from KnightVision*
I am really excited to take this course. I am so stoked to start learning photoshop, as I have always wanted to learn. I have heard great things about this class which makes me even more excited!

MJD-213: Media Law & Ethics in the Digital Age (Tuesday & Thursday from 9:45- 11:20) with Professor Griffith
The course description is as followed:
"This course explores the political, historic and philosophical roots of the First Amendment. Particular emphasis is given to the legal and ethical problems of the new communications technologies; other topics include libel, privacy, obscenity, news gathering, copyright, and the free press/fair trial dilemma. The class also provides insights into how the legal process works and an understanding of the principles and philosophies that underlie the restraints on and privileges of the media. After analyzing what the law says journalists can do, the course moves into the ethical component of what they should do. Using basic philosophical theories, students analyze ethical dilemmas through the use of case studies. Using multimedia, guest speakers and current events the course considers media law and ethics and its impact of journalists' ability to fulfill the historic function of the press to inform the public."
I had Professor Griffith this semester for Media Revolutions and I really enjoyed her teaching style. She is very knowledgeable about the subjects she teaches and you can see her passion in the subject when she is teaching. I am really interested in the legal side of media so I think this course is right up my ally. I am really interested to see what this course has to offer. 

MJD-219: Magazine Writing (Tuesday & Thursday from 8:00- 9:35) with Professor A. Cleary
Course Description:
"Various topics, ranging from women in the mass media to advanced Web design and theory to literary journalism."
I know I have said that I am excited for all of the previous classes, but I am REALLY excited for this class. My advisor said that this class hasn't been offered for a while so obviously I jumped at the chance to get into this class. I love reading magazines so it will be really cool to get a glimpse of what it would be like to write for one. Even though this class is early in the morning, I think I will find it interesting enough to get me out of bed bright and early!

GG-102: Intro to Physical Geography (Wednesday & Friday from 9:45-10:50 w/ lab Friday from 1:30-4:30) with Professor Stroup
Course Description:
"This course is a systematic study of elements that compose the Earth's physical environment: weather/climate, vegetation, soil, and landforms. The emphasis of the course is on these processes, but human-environment relationships are also examined. Labs promote hypothesis testing, sampling, and experimentation on processes and interactions occurring in the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere."
Ok, I am the first person to admit that I stink at science. As part of our liberal arts requirement we have to take a science class with a lab. One of my good friends, Lida, was planning on taking this class, so I figured why not just take it. So that's what I am doing. I am not really sure how it is going to go, but it seems pretty interesting. 

It is just so crazy that the end of this semester is coming up so fast. In 3 days, I will be 1/4 done with my college career. How crazy is that?!

Love and classes,

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