Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Things I Miss About School

     To preface this, yes, I am still alive. Yes, I am still at summer camp and loving every second of it. It has been a long 5 weeks, but it has all been worth it. But as I sit here looking at old pictures from school, I realize how much I actually really miss it. Here is my list of the things that I miss most about SMC.
     1. My friends. I miss being able to walk down the hallway and see 20 other smiling faces.
     2. Rugby. I miss my team beyond words and I cannot wait to get back on that pitch in August with all of them. 
     3. My classes. Even though they were a ton of work, I really do miss them and the professors that taught them. 
     4. Alliot. I miss going in at anytime of the day and seeing tons of familiar faces where ever I would turn. 
     5. The view. The view has to be my favorite spot on campus and on days like today (hot and sunny) I would love to sit on a blanket out there and look at the mountains.
     6. Founder's Society. I just miss Founder's. Plain and simple. 
     7. The squirrels. Enough said. 
     8. The word garden. The word garden is my second favorite place on campus. I love writing on the rock chalkboard when I have time. 
     9. Dunkin Donuts runs. Dunks is right around the corner from school. On Sunday afternoons my friends and I normally take a run to Dunkin just to get a break from our homework and to chill out. 
     10. SMC in general. I just miss being at SMC. It is one of those places that just makes you happy. I cannot wait to be back in August. 

Love and random lists,

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