Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Snow Day Essentials

     So I am a total sucker for the fall time. I love the changing leaves, the crisp air and of course, sweater weather. I guess you would say that the thing that I hate about fall is that it means that winter is approaching, and quickly. I mean, it is barely Christmas and there as already been snow and I have already broken out my parka....excuse me Mother Nature, this is not cool. To be completely honest with you all, I don't entirely hate winter. I really enjoy the snow, but I enjoy it from the comfort of my living room. That being said, I am always down for a snow day. There are a couple things that take a snow day from good to amazing. Here are some of my snow day favorites!

ONE// Well, I think this would come as a no brainer. You can't have a snow day with out snow! As I said, I love snow, I really do. I think it is so beautiful. But I do like to enjoy it from the comfort of my couch! Going to school up in Vermont has taught me a thing or two about snowy weather. I think I am learning to love it, but I'm not entirely in the "love" stage yet!

TWO// Fire in the fireplace. We have had a wood burning stove in our fire place since as long as I can remember. To be honest, it is like my dad's 3rd child. He spends all year collecting wood, splitting it and stacking it to make sure that we are fully stocked for the winter time. There are some days that I love the wood stove and some days that I hate it. Let me tell you, when it gets warm, it is really warm. Some days it can be a little much, but when it is a blizzard outside is is absolutely perfect! Plus my dog loves to sit by the fire so it is an excuse for me to cuddle her!

THREE// Cozy clothes. I will be the first to admit that I believe leggings are pants. I love to be comfortable no matter what. Comfort is definitely my first priority in anything that I do. Therefore, on a snow day, all I want is to be comfy! Here are some of my top pics for things I like to wear when I'm trying to be cozy! (Oh, and the best part about this whole outfit is that you can get everything off of AdoreMe.com. It is absolutely amazing and they have the cutest things from underwear to pj's to athletic wear!)
   Undergarments: I think growing up playing sports taught me to love sports bras. Honestly, I try to wear a sports bra as often as possible, probably TMI, but it is the truth! So obviously, my pick for some snow day support is definitely a sports bra! Adoreme.com has some amazing sports bras and honestly, and honestly, I think some of them are just as cute as your typical bra! So gone are the days of the dingy, boring sports bra. You don't have to sacrifice cuteness for comfort!
This sports bra is one of my favorites. I think the main reason why I love it is because maroon is my absolute favorite color to wear during the fall/winter! (via)
       If you are a die-hard traditional bra lover, don't worry, there are so many options for you too! I love AdoreMe bras because they come in a variety of sizes and they are all really well made! One of my favorites is the (............). Another really cool thing about AdoreMe is that with every bra purchase you get a free pair of underwear, so I mean, you can't go wrong!
     Clothing: AdoreMe also has super cozy and cute lounge ware. Honestly, I believe that sometimes you can wear lounge tops and wear them with jeans or leggings. Their shirts are super comfy and soft and honestly you can't beat the price! My absolute favorite top is this one down below in pale pink. I am honestly not one that goes towards pink but I absolutely love this top! Plus I think the back detail is really cute as well!
I mean, come on. The top is soooo cute! (via)

     PJ's: Well, let's admit it. I basically live in pajamas. When I am home you can almost bet that I will be in my pajamas. I just think you can't go wrong with a cozy pair of PJ's! Personally, most of my PJ's are just sweatpants and random t-shirts, but sometimes it just makes me feel special to wear matching pj sets. I am absolutely obsessed with the Matilda PJ set from AdoreMe. It is so classic and so soft that it is honestly the perfect thing to lounge around in during a snow day! Adore Me offers a wide selection of pajamas, so there is definitely something for everyone!
The black and white combination is so classic and the fabric is so comfortable! (via)
     Also, as an extra comfy touch, one of my favorite things to do is throw on a cozy robe. Although I normally opt for a major sweatshirt, I love wearing robes when I go in our hot tub. They are super simple to just throw on over a bathing suit to keep me warm during the short walk from our back door to the hot tub. I love this one from AdoreMe! First of all, lately I have been obsessed with the color grey. Second, I love that it has a hood!!
Basically the cutest thing ever. (via)

  Basically, in short, the perfect snow day can be summed up in a few words: snow and AdoreMe. While snow may not be everyone's favorite, adding in cute clothes from AdoreMe makes everything better. Wanna know something even better? AdoreMe is online, meaning when you have a foot of snow outside, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own house! Everything gets shipped right to you! If that isn't perfect then I'm not really sure what else is! Also be sure to check out their social media as well, their Instagram is so cute and their Twitter and Pinterest are totally addicting to scroll through!


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